Technical Difficulties…

As Auntie Lillie used to say, “welladay!” The technical difficulties are not wholly fixed, but we should be mostly readable/usable for now. I thank you all for putting up with the ups and downs for the last two days.

Thanks, too, to Ed Morrissey for inviting me onto his radio broadcast. He was a heaven-sent distraction from all the techno-woes. He asked me on for “a few minutes” and we ended up doing an hour of live chat; my first experience without a delay and an editor. Hopefully it’s not too awful. If you hang in there until about minute 25, you get to hear me do my Roseanne Rosannadanna imitation.

Since we’ve been rocky, here’s what you may have missed:

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Some Mothers Day Gift Ideas (what can I say, it’s a gifting season!)

Some of my friends advised me today to get onboard with Twitter, but I think…no, I know myself so well, and I know it will be just one more distraction when I’m already feeling like a mad squirrel looking spotting too many shiny objects.

But…if I were twittering today, while I could not blog, I would have said of the incredibly stupid idea of flying an Air Force One and a fighter jet into lower Manhattan:

It shows an arrogant disconnect to the reality of people’s lives & some “green” hypocrisy, too. Some giant carbon footprint for a photo-op, by the same administration that tells us we cannot just drive our SUV’s and keep our houses at comfortable temperatures.

You see why I don’t twitter. 140 characters? I can’t. I need a lot more room to say “stupid”, or dumb things.

As to the rest, I know I am being spammed to death and a few other things are not quite right, just yet. Comments may be turned off for a little while until I can get things under control. Please bear with me! I appreciate your patience.

Also, if you’ve got me on a feedburner subscription, you may have to redo – the RSS feed is

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