Souter will scooter…(round-up)

Obama gets his first nomma…nee

Although it was an empty moment of glory, I do believe I may have been the first to Twitter about Souter retiring from the SCOTUS at the relatively young age of 69. You can’t blame him. It’s so arduous, being a Supreme Court Justice. He wants some downtime before he dies.

Obama gets his first Supreme Court nominee. I am frankly surprised. I was under the impression that John Paul Stevens had been sucking formaldehyde every day in an effort to outlast President Bush. Who woulda thunk it?

Ah, well. He came in as a moderate and leaves as a moderate who managed a few surprises.

I wonder if Obama’s new Justice will be capable of any surprises?

A timely piece: Some thoughts on the blessings of a divided government by Edward L. Glaeser, professor of economics at Harvard University.

As I wrote below we’re engaged in a great battle, and it really is a civil rights battle, although none like to call it that. Will add links as I find them:


Ed Morrissey: High Risk, Moderate Reward. I disagree about the risk to Obama. To the nation? ‘Nother story.

Michelle Malkin: Gird your loins

White Men Need Not Apply. What, We’re not post racial anymore?

Insty has some thoughts

Jacobson says: in light of Spector’s defection, SCOTUS battles become interesting. Read it all and see if you agree.

Allah names two possible replacements, including Elena Kagan while calling this a “bombshell”. What? Just because you didn’t expect Ginsberg, Stevens and Souter all in one year? They need to work fast, baby, fast…get things ready for the 2010 elections!

Ace has a flaming skull for “one of the worst mistakes a GOP president has ever made”.

STACLU muses on possible nominees.

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  • Bender B. Rodriguez


    Actually, he was one of the original mavericks, coming up with out-of-left-field ideas and justifications for his rulings. And such an individualistic approach to judging, being fairly unhinged from objective law, invariably ends up swinging left, which is where he has been firmly planted for the last half of his career.

    And this after John Sunununununununu assured us that he was a sure-fire conservative – “This is a home run, and the ball is still ascending. In fact, it’s just about to leave earth orbit.”

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  • Ellen

    This is a bit off topic, but since you are a Benedictine, I thought you might like this story:

    I recently made a retreat at St. Meinrad’s and you can be sure I will be back.

    [Edited to admit link -admin]

  • deacondean

    It looks as if we are about to lose our famous system of “checks and balances” this year.

  • Misogynist

    Definitely looking forward to Obama installing another RIAA lawyer as a Supreme Court justice.