Update your feedburner thingy!

The incredibly patient techie who has been manfully dealing with the complications of porting me (and Spengler and others) into First Things has sent me a message saying:

“you may still need to put a notice on your blog telling people to update the feed. It’s unclear it if does it automatically or not.”

Now, let me tell you what I hear/read when something that is spoken or written to me:


And yet…I am still convinced I could run Homeland Security better than Ms. Napolitano, and I still demand to be so appointed.

The RSS feed is: http://www.firstthings.com/theanchoress/?feed=rss2

I don’t know what any of this means; it’s all spooky magic-talk to me, as I am a simple cavewoman. You think I’m kidding about this technophobia stuff, but it’s very real. It’s as real as my math-phobia, wherein anytime I look at anything more complicated than long-division, I hear Sr. NeverQuiet screaming at me and everything goes black (like a blackboard before my eyes, which was the case). With technology, I simply go into a shut down, my whole brain curls into a fetal position, my eyes glaze over, and all my lips can do is form the half-word, “wha?”

But I know most of you actually understand all of that, so I’ll just put it up there, and you know…whatever.

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  • Susan K.

    I sympathize with your technology challenged mind. If someone told me the same thing about burner feeds, I wouldn’t have a clue. Same thing with health insurance. I needed some tests (because I am 56 and my doctor thought it time he caught up with my bones and colon) so I called our health ins. provider to find out how much were the tests and were they covered. I called the hospital office that handles that, and our own provider. The ins. provider also spoke Greek, and when I said I did not understand what she meant, she said it s-l-o-w-e-r. Finally, I called the hospital scheduling to cancel the tests until I could find out for sure what all this would cost and if they were for sure covered, and of all things, she-the-scheduler said she had the same insurance and I would be covered except for the co-pay. She reassured me greatly. Talk about being understandable, what is up with the word “reconciliation” being used by the Democrats for passing their bills? How does that word fit the process? Another thing…lots of us out here who have run our homes economically, raised our families with diligence, been involved in church and community, could run (with technology help)
    many of these government offices without corruption and with principle. And I bet we could choose
    capable people to fit the pertinent slots of responsibility, too!

  • Peregrine John

    I’m pretty sure my bird dog could run Homeland Security better than Ms. Napolitano, and he has the mental brilliance of an overcast midnight. Then again, the whole O Crew is making the oft-maligned W & Co. look like a Mensa convention.

  • tim maguire

    I’ve heard of an RSS feed. I may have even tried to set one up once (not sure), but I have no idea what it is. Something about blogs and feeding, I think. Is your url changing?

  • kelleybee

    I have received error messages each time I have attempted to update the feed burner.

  • Jenny

    Tell you tech guy that your website is having compatability problems with Firefox. You don’t have to understand. :) He should know what that means. It will not connect to the database.

  • Gayle Miller

    I’m having absolutely no (knock on wood) problems!