Update your feedburner thingy!

The incredibly patient techie who has been manfully dealing with the complications of porting me (and Spengler and others) into First Things has sent me a message saying:

“you may still need to put a notice on your blog telling people to update the feed. It’s unclear it if does it automatically or not.”

Now, let me tell you what I hear/read when something that is spoken or written to me:


And yet…I am still convinced I could run Homeland Security better than Ms. Napolitano, and I still demand to be so appointed.

The RSS feed is: http://www.firstthings.com/theanchoress/?feed=rss2

I don’t know what any of this means; it’s all spooky magic-talk to me, as I am a simple cavewoman. You think I’m kidding about this technophobia stuff, but it’s very real. It’s as real as my math-phobia, wherein anytime I look at anything more complicated than long-division, I hear Sr. NeverQuiet screaming at me and everything goes black (like a blackboard before my eyes, which was the case). With technology, I simply go into a shut down, my whole brain curls into a fetal position, my eyes glaze over, and all my lips can do is form the half-word, “wha?”

But I know most of you actually understand all of that, so I’ll just put it up there, and you know…whatever.

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