Lileks on Letterman on Palin – UPDATED

If you have missed it, the old rule that you don’t go after a politicians kids (which has been strongly, and correctly, in place under all Democrat presidents, and was even sometimes practiced about the Bush-twins) does not apply to Sarah Palin, and has never applied to Sarah Palin. You may get nagged at for observing that Michelle Obama looks like she is angry, but it’s “funny pop-culture-coolness” to suggest that Sarah Palin (who is a stoopit hick, afterall) looks “like a slutty flight attendant” and her daughters are (interchangably) sluts as well.

Our tolerant, open-minded and compassionate, women-friendly betters.

I stopped watching David Letterman years ago because the guy seemed sour, bitter, humorless – stuck playing to the cynical instincts of 14 year-olds and too cowardly to stop.

But Lileks says it much better than I:

[Pathetic.] People have used other words – disgusting, repellent, abominable, danker than the fetid breath of the nine-bladder’d Arazon, Privy-Cleaner of Hell, et cetera – but pathetic is all I can muster.

But no, it must be funny, because David is funny and hip. Right? Or maybe not; maybe he’s actually a brackish, hermetically-souled guy who’s spend the last twenty years going from table to table with a giant wooden grinder, asking anyone if they want some fresh-ground scorn with that. Say when. Or maybe he’s about as edgy as a soccer ball, and exists only to remind people they were Edgy once, and hence must be ever-blessed with the gift of Wryness and Irony. With those shields we can never grow old, you know. We’ll always be as sharp and perceptive as we were when we were sitting on a cast-off sofa in college, working through a midweek buzz, happily fellated by the preconceptions the TV so charitably provided.

Or so I remember; haven’t watched the show in years. I thought it was brilliant at first, but at some point early on Bill Wendell’s introduction stopped being Bill Wendell as Don Pardo and became Bill Wendell Intentionally and Ironically Being Don Pardo for Your Ironic Enjoyment. The introductory graphics got slick. Paul Shaffer morphed into this eyeless homunculus yes-man, like Ed McMahon on painkillers converted into handy portable Idol form (really, sometimes I see a picture of this tiny fellow wearing shades, grinning at nothing, and he reminds me of something Indiana Jones would replace with a weighted bag of sand before he stole it.)

Of course you’ll want to read it all; it’s Lileks!

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  • Elizabeth Anne

    It really is sad to watch someone hold on past their prime…

  • Catherine

    What, Elizabeth Anne? Have you nothing to say about what Letterman said about Sarah Palin and her 14 year old daughter?

    You got all huffy when we criticized Michelle Obama, yet have nothing to say about Letterman’s viciousness?

  • Elizabeth Anne

    Uh, Catherine, that’s exactly what I was referring to. Letterman is long past his prime, he just ain’t funny anymore, and all he has to work with are low, cheap shots like this. I’m sorry I was unclear.

  • Catherine

    Well, it’s good to know you think Letterman is “past his prime”. What a strong condemnation against someone who thinks statutory rape is funny, as well as calling women “slutty”.

    I bet if the he said the same about Mrs. Obama or the Obama children, you’d be just as mild in your condemnation. /sarc.

  • March Hare

    I haven’t read Lilek’s entire article yet, but, from just the excerpt, his description of Letterman reminded me of Truman Capote’s later years. No longer the brilliant young writer, Capote became a parody of himself. His “friends” tired of being the butt of his jokes and left him.

    I can see Letterman suffering the same fate. He really is no longer relevant, although he (and CBS) don’t seem to realize that yet. My personal proof? My kids do not riff on his “Top Ten” lists, that list is no longer carried in my local paper, or on the homepage of any media websites, and the fact that Letterman thinks these jokes are funny and relevant.

  • http://TheAnchoressonline Aleeta

    So sad to see this happening more and more these days. What happened to common courtesy and manners?

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  • joseph

    Why cannot Letterman be sued for libel?

    Should not the NYPD arrest this sick 62 year old pervert for defamation ?

    There must be some sort of legal avenue for this sick liberal and Obama supporter to be jailed for suggesting that a 14 year old was raped watching America’s pastime with her mother.

  • joseph

    The other aspect we seem to forget is that the liberal hypocrites will still continue to go on Letterman even given this sick reference to Governor Sarah Palin’s 14 year old daughter.

    See all the liberals including the women who go on Letterman during this week and next week as if nothing happened.

    Liberals are vicious and have no moral backbone. Let us see which of Letterman;s guests decline to go on this old mans show within the next 10 days.

    Let us see which women go on the show in full acceptance of Letterman’s reference to statutory rape.

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  • Rich Fader

    I remember the furor when Rush Limbaugh, on his syndicated TV show, made a reference to Chelsea Clinton and the guys flashed a picture of Millie Bush. I can’t even imagine (and don’t even want to) what would have happened to the big guy had he made a joke about an adult baseball player having sex with Chelsea.

  • andy waits

    Is a son out of wedlock a bastard?