Morning Prayer, June 10

This morning’s Podcast of Morning Prayer is a little different than usual; I added the first “Invitator” psalm, which I usually omit. The Invitatory is usually Psalm 95, the “invitation” to come praise the Lord.

I recorded this in the wee small hours of the morning, with the window to my office open, so you may hear some birdsong in the background. Morning prayer as it is meant to be prayed, joining in with the re-awakening Creation! I love the song and chatter of our birds.


Also, someone recently asked for the podcasts of Compline (the prayer before sleep); they are still available. I will update the links later today!

Oblates, Tertiaries, Professed Lay People
Wisdom from the Saints

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  • Victor

    Glory to The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. As “IT” was in the beginning, is now and will always be, “ONE” True God Forever. Amen! Hey Men and/or Ha Man.

    Please keep praying for me.

    God Bless,


  • Roz

    I just found these. Thank you, Lady Anchoress!

  • SueC

    Little did you know that your podcast came as a gift from above this morning. I had accepted that today would be an uneventful birthday since I had to work today and most of my family was busy, and out of town. I awoke early to your tweet mentioning your podcast and decided to open the link. (Cool, found out that I could save it to my blackberry!) I will keep it for probably the whole year! The birds in the background chirping was an extra treat!
    Best Birthday gift, ever!!
    A reminder to myself that in our day-to-day living that when one follows the Spirit’s call, we are the touch of God to others.