A gift of Morning Prayer, II

From Love to be Catholic

The bells ring, the cock crows and golden sunlight beams in once more…the birds begin their morning song – all creation comes quite naturally, organically, to morning prayer, to lauds, a prayer of pure praise. The created creatures, all together in instinctive wisdom, take time -before their grooming, their hunting, their feeding- for praise.

They sing!

It happens with every sunrise, in every time zone. Every day, rain or shine. Creation takes no holiday.

After singing, there is breaking the fast, then quiet, and work, and more praise, later, more singing.

Monastics run a schedule primitive, one that the woods creatures recognize.

It is a different way, but a natural one.

It’s not for everyone. But I am always thankful that some are out there – while I am dashing about, mindlessly – who are doing the work of connecting, praising, praying, adoring, and simply Be-ing, on this other plane.

I believe it helps us all.

The photos are lovely; so is the chant.

If you must jump to your work, you can leave this on in the background. Can’t hurt.

Good morning!

*Stumbled upon as I looked for something else, thought I’d share it again!

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