A gift of Morning Prayer, II

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The bells ring, the cock crows and golden sunlight beams in once more…the birds begin their morning song – all creation comes quite naturally, organically, to morning prayer, to lauds, a prayer of pure praise. The created creatures, all together in instinctive wisdom, take time -before their grooming, their hunting, their feeding- for praise.

They sing!

It happens with every sunrise, in every time zone. Every day, rain or shine. Creation takes no holiday.

After singing, there is breaking the fast, then quiet, and work, and more praise, later, more singing.

Monastics run a schedule primitive, one that the woods creatures recognize.

It is a different way, but a natural one.

It’s not for everyone. But I am always thankful that some are out there – while I am dashing about, mindlessly – who are doing the work of connecting, praising, praying, adoring, and simply Be-ing, on this other plane.

I believe it helps us all.

The photos are lovely; so is the chant.

If you must jump to your work, you can leave this on in the background. Can’t hurt.

Good morning!

*Stumbled upon as I looked for something else, thought I’d share it again!

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  • http://victor-undergo.blogspot.com/ Victor

    Very beautiful indeed! It reminds me that we’re all God’s Family and He’s so happy to wait for ever and a day for U.S. all cause we are all of HIS BODY

    To understand “IT” a little in reality, let’s try and imagine that we are direct kin to the riches people in the world. OK to make “IT” easier let’s take the number “ONE” richess person in the world and this person of course has a good Christian heart otherwise, well you know what!

    I better stop now!

    Thanks for the post and please say a little prayer for me.

    God Bless,


  • Norman

    I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but Vatican Radio posts lauds, vespers and compline, all sung in Latin, everyday. Just go to the Vatican Radio website, click “On Demand”, then click “Liturgical Broadcasts”.

  • copithorne

    When I was in the monastery, I had my grumbling wake up Lauds:

    With the Lord as my pillow, I shall not wake.
    My snores rise like incense in His sight.
    My snoozing a holy oblation.
    My dozing is an offering to the Lord.

    The Hittites they rise with the dawn.
    In Bashan, they wake with the sun.
    They rush to do wickedness in the morning.
    The Lord hates them with a perfect Hate.

    But as I slumber I refrain from evil
    I remain pure as the driven snow…

    Anchoress, we’ve contended on politics. But we certainly agree on a love of the Divine Office

  • Ellen

    Last spring I went on a retreat at a Benedictine monastary. I loved getting up before 5:00am and walking to the church in the fog while the bells rang and singing lauds with the monks. It was the best vacation I have had in years. I’m going again this fall.