An African Thunderstorm…

A breath of fresh air, and a palate cleanser, thanks to Friend Shana, via this site: An a cappella jazz choir from Slovenia, an old Toto hit, and the wonders of a choir-simulated storm. Enjoy!

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  • dry valleys

    This is an excellent tube:

    I always thought it was a bit paleoconservative- but I like to think I can relate to it as, despite being a city boy who does no more than play at going to the country for walks etc, & wouldn’t be able to handle rural life, I dream about this sort of stuff when I’m walking along mean streets & that.

    I understand people who are deeply rooted in a place because most of my family have lived here for centuries. My family tree is absolutely full of local surnames that are hardly ever found outside the area. They lived here when it was isolated farmsteads, then in industrial towns, then they were decanted into public housing. But they sort of remained solid & unmoveable.

  • bt

    Great song! Members of Toto were also session musicians for one of my favorite singers, Boz Scaggs (Lido shuffle, We’re All Alone, Lowdown…).

  • Sissy Willis

    Choir-simulated storm is pure magic . . . Thank you. :-)

  • Maggie45

    That is absolutely DELIGHTFUL! Something I very much needed at this moment. Thank you.

  • Beth in Texas

    What a great pick-me-up! Beautifully done…

  • Jo Anne

    Thank you Anchoress! I needed the rain…. so very much.

  • mjballou

    It’s up on my blog now as well. I haven’t been this happy for days.

  • Amy P.

    Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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