Why I love New Advent

It’s just a great site full of useful, interesting (and not exclusively Catholic) headlines you’re not seeing anywhere else, although yes, it is a terrific Catholic resource, as well.

Thanks to New Advent, I came across Steve Ray’s blog, and his links to these quick messages from Dove – little counter-cultural gems from a company which has made a commitment to market itself to real women, without creating unreal expectations. Bravo, Dove. Bravo, Steve. Bravo, New Advent.

And, since I visited New Advent, I got to read George Weigel’s review of Flannery; A Life of Flannery O’ Connor, and Jack Smith’s great post on the Devil and St. John Vianney, and a bunch of other good (and often important) reads.

One of my favorite sites!

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    I’ve been a fan of Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty for a long time, ever since they ran the first ads with the women of all sizes.

    The Onslaught video really gets the point across–women really do face an image onslaught, and they are starving themselves, and undergoing ridiculous surgeries to try to “fix” themselves.