A "defining post"

Over at Conversion Diary, Jen is asking bloggers to tell what they think is their defining post.

Impossible. I’ve written over 5,000 posts, most of them forgettable.

Some of the posts involving Dick Meyer columns might have been good, and their stream-of-consciousness layout maybe defines my writing here. It’s all what is in my head of a moment; 99% of what I write here is first-draft-rough-cut blowing off steam, confessing sins or just pondering.

Like, the time I found out I was losing my hearing

Or, when I took Buster out for a hamburger and he made my hair stand on end

Or, you know…when I groused about menopause or what a bad-tempered fool I can be. Perhaps those are the defining posts: intemperance, intemperance, intemperance. My affection for people who can step on other people’s necks if necessary.

There is no way to choose. The blog represents me at my best and my worst, my cleverest and my dullest, my most and least charitable, my most optimistic and most cynical; all laid out.

Read my blog and realize this girl will never be declared a saint. But -as the saying goes- she could maybe be a martyr, if you killed her quick.

Btw: Julie got married in a nightgown!. Heh. Gorgeous.

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