Let's Dance!

Horrible, horrible, horrible day over here, work-wise. I have three things I really have to write and I fought all day with the network, then with the crashing firefox -the serious crashing firefox- and then with my own stupid computer-incompetence.

So I am in a state of “arrrrrrghghghghghghghg” right now; I want to swash some buckles and take the cutlass to a few throats!

But since it’s not Talk Like A Pirate Day until Saturday, I say screw all this! Stand up at your desk and let’s dance! I won’t tell on you! When you’re done dancing, please say a prayer for me!


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  • SjB

    Prayers Ascending. May you have inspiration, cooperation, wisdom, and a restful night’s sleep. :)

  • http://kingshounds.wordpress.com/ Renee P

    According to the King’s Singers, Bach knows just how you feel! For lovely singing and a good laugh:

  • Joseph Marshall

    May your pain, suffering, and tribulation be relieved.

    And also, may all your digits be tal’d, may all your nets be mended and all your works completed, may you ever follow Uncle Fred on his “pleasant and instructive afternoons”, and may all your timbers be shivered come Saturday.

    Do you fancy the Hokey-Pokey?

  • Bobfan

    Sounds like a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, to quote a phrase.

    These clips sure jog old memories. I haven’t an inch of desk space to dance on, but may the good Lord grant you a refreshing Friday and update your computer skills while you sleep.

  • Suds46

    The Bowie links are great. Here’s my favorite. I have personal connections to this song but it might not appeal to everyone. One reason it appeals to me is that it looks like Bowie is having fun doing it.

  • dry valleys

    Let’s Dance (different tune with the same name

  • http://okieonthelam.com Okie

    Anchoress –

    If you’ve upgraded to the latest ver. of FF (ver. 3.5) you need to go back to 3.0.x. which you can get here:

    That will solve the problem of FF not wanting to load sites that you’ve visited forever and are giving “server not found” errors now. When they finally get the new version fixed then upgrade again — if ever!


  • Clayton in Mississippi

    Don’t mind admitting I’m old enough that I prefer this version of “Let’s Dance” when it was Benny Goodman’s theme song:


  • Francesca

    Maybe a Mac?

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) ;)