Feel the Gleichschaltung

Reading through this transcript, I was struck by two things. One was the aroma of self-intoxication. These bureaucrats and artists and activists are utterly besotted by the contemplation of their own virtue. They know what’s good for the country, and what’s good for you, and they’re willing to devote themselves ceaselessly to making it happen.

The second thing that strikes one about this transcript is the aura of menace that floats just behind the talk of passion, pushing the president’s agenda, connecting with “labor unions, progressive groups,” etc., etc. As Yosi Sergant’s pep talk suggests, these people regard legal obstacles not as boundaries to be observed but as impediments to be overcome by “tactics,” a word that frequently appears in the transcript.

There is a German word for what we are witnessing at the NEA and elsewhere in the Obama administration’s effort to push its agenda. It is Gleichschaltung. It means two things: first, bringing all aspects of life into conformity with a given political line. And second, as a prerequisite for realizing that goal, the obliteration or at least marginalization of all opposition. –Roger Kimball

Is it an abuse of power?

If Bush had done this, or if the Obama White House were Republican, we’d be watching a screamfest on all channels, calls for investigations, probably a call for a special prosecutor, and Olbermann’s head would be exploding.

But since this is Obama, and he has a D after his name, we’ll have to wait to see what develops, if and when the Obamamedia (who still control the narratives) deigns to cover it.

Okay – I have a ton of stuff to do today -still uncharacteristically behind on my deadlines and Sr. Mary Menace is yelling- so here are many, many links to many, many stories. Knock yerselves out, but none of it is going to make you feel like dancing:

Manuel Zelaya, who <a href="http://hotair.com/archives/2009/09/21/is-the-us-hiding-zelaya-in-honduras/"tried to usurp the constitution in the Honduras, is back, hiding at the Brazilian Embassy? How did he get there? For that matter why did we just give 2 Billion Dollars to Brazil in order to -apparently- fund offshore drilling. You know, the stuff we won’t do in our own country. Seems odd, doesn’t it? We give Brazil 2 Billion for something we disapprove of, then Zelaya, who seems to have an incipient case of despot-wannabeeism (which Obama and Hillary seem to dig) suddenly pops up in the Brazilian Embassy?

It all just seems too strange to me. What the hell is going on? We’re broke but we give 2 Billion to Brazil, when we could certainly use that money to create jobs and tap into our own reserves?

Legal Insurrection says
he hopes Obama fails in Honduras, with whatever he’s trying to do. I do too. Why don’t Obama and Hillary like our allies?

“Smart diplomacy”?
How about Alice-in-Wonderland Diplomacy?:

“…the Obama team is insisting on the return of the man no institution in this democratic country supports–and that position only emboldened that same unpopular figure to return. Nice work. And now that he has returned, will the Obama administration give up its bizarrely stubborn position that no new election can be recognized because that same unpopular figure isn’t back in power? And he isn’t in power, you will recall, because the supreme court and legislature, with the backing of the military, acted in defense of their constitution.”

As to recent or growing terrorism threats (are we allowed to call it terrorism, anymore? I forget), did law enforcement blow the Denver terror investigation? Didn’t we learn in the 1990′s that law enforcement was not effective counter-terrorism?. That’s not a criticism of our hardworking law enforcement folks, but mindsets matter.

Andy McCarthy says we need an administrative detention law, and doublequick.

5 Healthcare Promises Obama won’t keep: Only five? Meanwhile look at this: tort reform works!

Obama’s EnergySec: Americans are Children and need the government to control them. Writes Ed:

This is nothing more than a slightly more honest look at the attitude of the Left when it comes to governance. It’s all about paternalism and condescension, and the belief that a group of elites should be appointed to rule over the unwashed and unschooled masses for their own good. That has never been consonant with the American experience, which allows the individual to make his own choices and live with the consequences. Chu gives us a good look at the liberal soul, and most Americans will not like what they see.

May be too late to do much about it, though. These unruly cool kids, they’re running amok. Instapundit says, Chu has no idea.

President Grown Up, who wants to rule us children: He’s having General problems. Jennifer Rubin writes:

There is something bizarre about the president’s disassociating himself from his generals and his own stated goals–within a span of just months. He gives the appearance of an errant teenager who one month ago simply had to do X and now can’t bring himself to even defend X.
…he hasn’t collapsed yet on Afghanistan. Maybe his spine will stiffen and he’ll realize that a confrontation with his military commanders is going to add to and not lessen his political problems. He may want to consider just how ludicrously flighty and weak he would appear if he reversed himself on not one but two major national-security positions. Even if he can’t stomach disappointing the left wing of his own party, someone in his administration must surely realize that a second reversal of this magnitude will only cement his image as a Jimmy Carter–esque figure–weak, irresolute, and easily manipulated–and invite endless challenges to the U.S. After all, if he’s going to back down whenever someone screams loudly, there will be a lot of very loud screaming.

Someday, when I have time, I’ll put some thought into the notion that presidents raised without fathers have difficulty with this stuff. I don’t know if it’s true, and I wouldn’t want to be unfair. But it’s something I’d like to look into. I must say, though, that he does certainly resemble Carter in one respect: He wants to manage everything, and that he should stick his nose where he ought not, which means he believes he’s smart enough to manage everything. Which means he listens to no one. Just like Carter, and accomplishes nothing but malaise.

Is Obama our ADHD President? He seems to have lost interest in the economy, or in the job creation we desperately need. Then, in the middle of his hyper-intensive push for healthcare reform, (and his odd fighting with his generals, aiding Manuel Zelaya, etc) he’s suddenly demanding that the world create a “new world order” economy, and oh, yeah, suddenly the climate, the climate, the climate! And empty words about Carbon!

You know, if Obama would just settle down and focus on our economic issues, and seriously follow the lead of Germany and Sweden and cut taxes to create jobs, etc, maybe he’d get listened to.

Obama is no Jack Kennedy: Don’t miss Don Surber’s eye-opening examinations of the questions put to President Obama last Sunday on the Sabbath Gasbag shows. He looks not at Obama’s answers, but the questions, and it is very interesting, indeed. All sham, no wow.

Katrina Vanden Heuvel
: has a little carnival of hate. Isn’t she the woman who Chris Matthews, back when he was sane and watchable, caught being unable to name her own congressman?

This is evil stuff

A Collapse in World Trade? A collapse in car sales?

On the Breitbart front: ACORN and the White House sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g (don’t miss that). Justice Department Inspector General -not yet fired by Obama- begins an investigation. Because they don’t have tax issues after getting rich from dubious means? I think it’s good that an inspector general looks into this since it’s doubtful Holder will. More and more and more.

Troublesome sunspots and other stories that disrupt the climate-change narrative and are thus ignored by the US Press. Maybe CO2 wasn’t the way to go?

Not surprising in our noisy world: People with no religion gaining on believers. Can’t hear the small, still voice over the omnipresent televisions, the earbuds and our own material wealth.

You little people, stop driving!: His Highness doesn’t like it

Canada’s National Post:
The Stimulus Weakened the US Economy. Yes, of course. All those jobs not being created, and such.

Miracles are real: As long as you’re not talking about the Christian kind. Also, recall that Buddhist celibates are enlightened, not repressed. Vanderleun on the left’s virulent fear of Christianity.

Going to Church: Do you wear your Sunday Best?

Michelle Malkin:
human, after all

PJTV: Going to Berkeley

WELCOME: Instapundit readers, and thanks, Glenn, for the link. I am being held hostage by a mean nun today, but please look around.

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  • dry valleys

    Brown deserves to be ignored. We ignore him, given what unremitting toss he talks, & I’m quite glad if Obama does likewise. Few things repel me more than this fawning over him on the international stage, apart from ill-informed Americans hailing Blair, when conservative sshould surely have hated him for his venomous hostility to anything genuinely conservative, & it was him who continued & upped the assault on our civil liberties which successive governments have mounted.

    It will be a glad day for us all when the government loses the next election.

    As for atheism- I’d wager I’ve thought more about life & the human condition than many of them as turn up at church/mosque/elsewhere every week without taking their religion seriously. I’d say it’s better that people can be openly without belief rather than having to fake convictions they don’t have.

    I remember the case of Bradlaugh. Here, the first open atheist in a prominent position was attacked by people who claimed to be Christians but showed all the hallmarks of being politicians who’d use any weapon at hand to bludgeon down an opponent, even the religion that was supposedly theirs.

    Bradlaugh was defended by Gladstone, who was a Christian & a very sincere & fervent one who’d rather an honest atheist than someone profaning the creed he himself held to fully.

    Now the time has come for cafeteria Catholics & the like to either start taking it seriously or not bother. If they feel empowered to stop professing I for one am glad.

    Personally I have never held any religious beliefs as I wasn’t brought up with any & have not been convinced by any truth claims that were made by them as I’ve heard, or had any kind of supernatural revelation. I am glad not to be having to fudge the issue & surely the church is glad that, if I am to be atheist, I won’t have to lyingly claim otherwise.

    [Which is why I like you. As to Gordon and Obama, though, I've noticed the way Gordon fawns on Obama, and it is genuinely creepy. He is clearly "Obama's poodle" much more so than Blair was Bush's, don't you think? -admin]

  • dry valleys

    Aye- it probably helps that I’m not naturally assertive :)

    I honestly don’t know how Obama interacts with our politicians. There was a rumour going round, a very funny one actually, that he looks down on David Cameron & thinks he isn’t a serious statesman. But now it seems that was just made up as someone’s idea of a joke.

    Most of the media I read is supportive of Obama & fiercely hostile to the right. As I lean that way I don’t mind so much. But I honestly couldn’t infer owt about what anyone makes of anyone else.

  • Joseph Marshall

    By the way, work on the street is that the Catholic Church is far deeper into financial support of ACORN than the US Government ever was. It’s all over on Accuracy In Media, if you’re interested.

  • Bender

    Two things the Hondurans need to do –

    Expel the Brazilian embassy.
    Expel the United States embassy.

    Kick out all of the Brazilian and American diplomats and staff.

    Nice reset button you got there Obama. And you’ve got a hell of a nerve calling Kanye a “jackass,” pal.

  • That One Girl a.k.a. Bender’s Cheerleader

    And you’ve got a hell of a nerve calling Kanye a “jackass,” pal.

    Did I miss something? I thought he was a jackass. Was that sarcasm?

    Excuse the naivete! Lordy, I love anonymity.

  • Bender

    Kanye is.
    But if Kanye is, how much more of one is Obama?

    I would say that’s like calling the kettle black, but then I’d be accused of being a racist.

  • That One Girl a.k.a. Bender’s Cheerleader

    Noowww I get it. :-)

    Actually, I just like showing off my newly acquired italics skills.

    And your cheerleader knows you are not a racist, just one savvy dude!

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  • http://www.ashokkarra.com ashok

    Came in via Instapundit – wanted to thank you for the link to the Surber commentary. He did a very nice job, for he documented the softballs – of which there were many – and demonstrated that there were a few that really hit hard. All it takes to be credible is one good question, sometimes.

    Re: your USA Today religion link – I wouldn’t worry too much about those in the “no religion” category, I don’t think they’re ignoring the “still, small voice,” not at all. And they would need to embrace religion for the right reasons, anyway. One of the deep problems with conservative media is that we’re preachy and screechy; one of the things I find ironic about reading someone like Hopkins is that he’s anything but.

  • http://www.thevailspot.blogspot.com Rich Vail

    I’m envious of your ability to blog about all those topics in the same post! I’ve not quite figured out how to link by clicking on the “word” yet…still working on that one.

    But, to get back to the topic, I agree with many of your concerns. This president is on track to completely derail this country. I strongly suspect that this is his aim. I also think that perhaps, unconsciously (can’t spell), he genuinely hates this country and it’s basic principles. Thus his broadbased attack on many of them.

  • http://www.owebama.com W Grant

    This is what is so frightening about increasing government involvement (socialism) in healthcare, banking, automobiles, energy etc. Once a group is beholden to government for it’s existence, like the NEA, they feel free to use it for their own political purposes. This is just another example (like having people e-mail the Whitehouse any “fishy” comments about their policies) of how rotten the current administration’s instincts. They just naturally feel that since they won the election they can do whatever they want. Truly scary.

  • bt

    Per the article…

    “The Prince, who has two Jaguars, two Audis, a Range Rover and still drives an Aston Martin given to him by the Queen on his 21st birthday, said developers had a duty to put public transport and the pedestrian at the heart of their housing schemes.”

    …and they want us to stop driving? Really?

  • http://www.savkobabe.blogspot.com Gayle Miller

    Don’t do as I do, do as I say. Bunch of pinheaded dopes. I will guarantee you that our IQs are considerably higher than these condescending nitwits who are trying to tell us how we should live.

    If I don’t want to give up my Big Macs (1 per month at most), then shut up and leave me alone. I have private health insurance. I keep on working at age 67 so I CAN have private health insurance instead of medicare. Just leave my rather large tush alone!

  • http://www.savkobabe.blogspot.com Gayle Miller

    Isn’t it about time we stopped giving that rude infant Kanye West all the attention he doesn’t deserve?

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    And your cheerleader knows you are not a racist, just one savvy dude!

    Well . . . I don’t know. Let’s be honest now. The only reason that we oppose ObamaCare and the spendulus bill and the auto bailout and the Apology Tour and the UN America Sucks Speech is because Obama is black. That’s the only reason we oppose him. If it were a white guy or woman pushing these things, we’d be jumping up and down cheering.

    What’s that? The people who are pushing these things white? The folks in Congress pushing ObamaCare and who have written the actual legislation are white? The spendulus and auto bailouts were written by a white Treasury secretary and white members of Congress? Obama’s main advisers and the folks who put the words in President Teleprompter’s mouth are also white?

    So what? So what if those who are actually in charge behind the scenes are all white folks and we still oppose it all? That doesn’t prove anything. It’s only because Obama is black. That’s the only reason. All the elites say so, so it must be true.

  • dry valleys

    Secular Right on about racial issues.

    Is The GOP Overreaching On Health Care?

    On about the rise of the “no religion” cohort- personally I think there should be more secular conservatives, there are more than enough non-supernatrural reasons to take a sceptical approach towards big government & permissiveness- but presumably secular conservatives will be more libertarian by persuasion, we’ll see.

    British conservatives are mainly secular- though maybe not for much longer, if things like this go on- note the ever present immigration issue, & further confirmation of why I support immigration restrictions. A lot of Pentecostal churches are filled with recent immigrants, as well as second & third generation mosque-goers, all “imported headaches” as I said there. You doubtless think it is good that Mexicans in the USA are mostly social cons, I don’t ;)

    I’ve been away for a few days so I am still catching up a bit. I’ve found Larison to be delivering the goods as usual.

  • That One Girl a.k.a Bender’s Cheerleader

    All the elites say so, so it must be true.
    God, I love doing that!!

    Well, Mr Rodriguez – it would appear you are a reverse racist, seeing as how you have an Hispanic name. (Sorry, is it racist to say that?) Whatever, I’m on YOUR TEAM!!

    Until the powers that be stop getting any mileage out of race issues, it is never going to go away. We can’t keep running stupid commercials on the television and radio about how our ‘strength is in our diversity’ – our strength comes ONLY from being united. I wish I knew how to fix this.

  • Eric

    A note about the $2B for Brazil, it is for Export/Import Bank funding of exports from the US to the Brazilian oil industry. While it is foolish to not be encouraging domestic drilling, it is good to encourage the domestic oil services & equipment industries. The $2B will be spent in the US, for shipment to Brazil.

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  • phwest

    Eric – you’re buying into the broken window fallacy. $2 billion in case or $2 billion in goods is still a gift. It takes the resources out of the domestic economy that would have been used for something else (or sold abroad in exchange for something useful) and gives them away. The equipment companies might be better off to some extent, but the country as a whole still loses. If you have to support oil equipment companies why not drill here and keep the income?

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  • http://house-of-flubs.com/SMF/index.php?topic=169.0 Flubmeister General

    While I’m glad that I’m not alone in connecting the blurry dots on this one… I can’t help but feel like a member of the Weirmar watching in horror as his countrymen are swept up in cult worship of their new order’s leadership.

    God help us – if they continue following this blueprint as diligently as they have thus far… how long will it be until some among us are rounded up and relocated as a ‘final solution’ to the engineered economic woes we face?