Bill Whittle; National Treasure

I never steer you wrong. Watch this.

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  • Chumasmom

    Bill Whittle needs to be on TV regularly. His work is amazing.

  • newton

    OK Anchoress. Time for a Fan Club!

  • Jacob Klinger

    The most amazing thing happened watching this video.

    He made mention to certain symbols, but didn’t use them, making you use your brain for figure out the images he was referring to. In this day of spoon feeding information, that was awesome. It really was. Because his explanation hit the nail on the head and was incredibly well spoken.

  • Myssi

    Awesome, as usual. I love Bill Whittle.

  • SjB

    So True! Now, when will you add a link to buy the bumper stickers? :)

  • Gina

    He needs to run for office! Instapundit hinted that he might.

  • Mutnodjmet

    For those who love history, his comparison of the ACORN take-down with the Battle of Cannae (involving Hannibal, Rome, and using the enemy’s tactics to defeat them) is golden:

    The Destruction of ACORN!

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  • Maggie45

    I have been in love with Bill Whittle for years, ever since Instapundit and Blackfive used to link to his site Eject! Eject! Eject! No videos, or photos, just his writing drew me. (smile)

  • Maggie45

    Mut, I just watched the video you linked. Wow.

    I’ve been praying for Andrew Breitbart. I hope he and his family have good protection.

  • Yoda

    He should have included the pictures you see of him with a circle behind his head trying to look like a saint.

    I find this particularly disturbing.

    I think it’s just a matter of time before the Democratic party starts taking down the O’s soon. Newsweek wondering where the substance is? How long before everyone else starts to ask – WHERE’S THE BEEF?

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  • Mutnodjmet

    Maggie45: I have been praying for Hannah, James and Andrew, too — as well as donating a few dollars to Hannah’s defense. We need to take care of our brave patriots.

  • John Bey

    What is there not to like? Especially from good Christians like ourselves.

  • MissJean

    John, am I allowed to like it if I’m not a Christian? ;)

  • Maureen

    Once again, I must point out that Obama’s logo is _totally ripping off_ the old Great Seal of the State of Ohio.

    (Our current Great Seal is ugly, ugly. Nobody would want to rip it off.)

  • tim maguire

    Thanks Anchoress, I don’t watch PJTV stuff unless someone points me to it but I’m always glad to see Bill’s work. I’ve been a fan since the old ejectejecteject days when he would post a brilliant essay every six months and then go silent again. He probably had the internet’s most heavily trafficked blog that only posted twice a year.

    Often times in his videos he lets his anger at what the Democrats are doing to this country cause him to make some over the top statements that detract from the power of his message. But this one had not a single wrong note. Great from start to finish.

  • EricTheRed

    On this topic, readers might be interested in this multi-part posting on visual propaganda in the Obama administration. The author is a marketing communications and branding professional.