Oh…my! Hmmm. Lovely.

Carolina Cannonball is one of my faves and The Crescat is always a fun stop. And you know, since we’ve been talking headcoverings on and off for the past few weeks, you will probably want to go look at her pictures of Princess Grace and Jackie Kennedy and others wearing lace mantillas because Miss Cannonball has decided that, since last week was “tonsure week”, this week we’d see the women’s head-coverings.

But all of that is nothing to me. I don’t care, I don’t care. Yes, the mantillas are lovely. Who cares?

That’s right, I said, who cares?

Now that she has teased us with not one but two pictures, I want a Knights of Malta Week, and I want it right now!

I think I have confessed a few times to my weakness for the olive-skinned lads. Yes, I dearly love the fellas in the kilts, but…well, for cryin’ out loud, see for yourself!

Ah, Giancarlo! He just has to be a Giancarlo!

Mustn’t lurk in doorways, lad; have a cappuccino…

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not an occasion of sin.
Or, maybe it’s a little occasion of sin, because I’m maybe objectifying these men, but…shouldn’t we be able to gaze at the beauty of God’s creation? And besides, all I want to do is have a cup of coffee and look at them. And besides, the second fellow, he looks enough like my brother-in-law that he could be family!

But that other fellow! Looking at Giancarlo…that’s a couple of Hail Mary’s right there.

Maybe an Angelus.

A trip to Lourdes…

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  • Lana

    It’s hard to choose, is it not, when beholding the glories God hath wrought. And these pictures aren’t a patch on the glory of Texas I beheld in my own living room when my husband asked a fellow contractor to fix our driveway. I wish you could have gazed upon His amazing work in the creation of Pancho Flores. As my husband remarked after Pancho left, my teenaged daughters’ jaws dragging the ground, myself literally speechless, “Now he’s pretty!!!”

  • Maggie45

    How about a trip to Malta? eh? Then Lourdes. lol.

  • dry valleys

    Personally I am not an especially “real” man. So I have decided to welcome postmodernism, because every year society becomes feminised is a year in which I gain ground on the rest. Soon I will be manlier than the vast majority, because my total ignorance of society means I won’t be influenced by whatever is trendy :)

    You would have liked to watch this- watching some Ecuadorian cowboys at work & some British youths failing to match up to them :) I imagine a certain type of woman would find the hero in that very attractive.

    This is the real reason I oppose Islamism, for all my high-falutin’ pretences to have serious philosophical reasons :) What sort of god would want his own creations to be wearing veils rather than having their beauty on display while it lasts, eh? When you look at a lot of Asian women, you have to admit that they’re more than worth the attention! I would say they were my favourites on the earth. There’s some right lookers in the Middle East & no mistaking.

  • http://NONE David

    I don’t like the suggestion of sin. If your enjoyment of the young man’s beauty is sin, then flee from it. And delete the post.

    On the other hand, “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

    [Thank you David. It was a joke. Trust me, there is no lust, no sin involved, just the admiration of beauty. Someday when I am a very holy person, perhaps I will never joke again, but I am still down here in the mud making jokes that are beneath us all. Pray for me- admin]

  • Ellen

    Praise God for the beauty of his creation. And while we are at it, Pier Giorgio Frassati was a mighty handsome lad.

  • cathyf

    So, is that trip to Lourdes for a cure?

    …or a hope of seeing some more knights there?!?

  • http://www.savkobabe.blogspot.com Gayle Miller

    Italian men – born under the sign of Leo – my absolute weakness! I am putty in their hands!

  • http://www.thecrescat.blogspot.com The Crescat

    I love the dark and brooding men of the Mediterranean myself. I am glad you approve. More too come… I promise. :-)

  • http://www.thecrescat.blogspot.com The Crescat

    I posted a little lovely for you… warning: don’t stare too long into his eyes.

  • kathy

    I can smile at the comments and admire these handsome young men…and there is no occasion or near occaision of sin for me… for your ‘Giancarlo!’ looks very much like my son!

  • http://sacradomusnazarena.blogspot.com nazareth priest

    Well, let me tell ya, that looks pretty darn hot, esp. in the summer.
    Take it from one who wears a habit 24/7…