Obama: "Not talking…is ridiculous"

My readers have better memories than I do. Today, I got this in the mail from an reader who asks to be identified as “A Product of Pittsburgh Steelworkers”:

I had written to you before the election about how then Candidate Obama would no longer talk to a television station in Florida because he didn’t like some of the questions they asked Joe Biden. See your article Obama: Yes to Iran, No to WFTV from October 2008.

But even I would never have imagined that he would carry this over to an entire cable news network!

Again, he had said earlier that he [criticized Bush for the notion] that by not talking to people we are somehow punishing them. Now he is talking to the whole world, apologizing for the United States, but he won’t talk to Fox News!

I had asked in my October email, “Will he be this vindictive towards all Americans who don’t agree with him or his administration?” Well, he is and even more than I expected.

But I guess this gives you some degree of bragging rights. By writing your article, you can honestly tell your readers that “You read it here first on The Anchoress” about how Obama would later act towards those who don’t agree with him.”

Well, bragging rights are slim when I can’t even remember posting on it -the hazard of posting so much- but I must say, a chill ran through me when I read the italicized line above, and again when I heard this pronouncement from a White House podium.

Obama’s behavior is not presidential. Criticize Bush all you like, and yeah, he made it clear he didn’t much like the way the press covered him, but he talked to all of those news outlets who clearly hated him – hell, he talked to CBS even after the fake TANG episode with Dan Rather and Mary Mapes (whose fakery was recently exposed as even more egregious than we already knew). Bush spoke to Newsweek even after Evan Thomas promised to deliver “an additional ten to 15 percentage points to John Kerry” (which they managed, btw).

Obama, thin-skinned, more than a little cowardly and a bit petty, prefers to “punish” those members of the press who do not lay prostrate before him. And the mainstream press, because it is over-populated with spiteful perpetual adolescents who have become enthralled to the weird duality of hate/love that informs their politics, do not close ranks and say, “no, Mr. President, if you don’t talk to one of us, you don’t get your daily exposure from any of us.”

With one glaring exception, Obama’s media sycophants are so far up inside Obama, they cannot see their own futures. But then, they have voluntarily dissolved themselves, and tossed aside the public trust, in order to serve one man over the nation.

My issues, as always, are less about President Obama, than about the formerly free American press.

Longtime readers know that while I think Limbaugh is a genius at what he does I am not a regular listener -I am not a regular listener of anyone, anymore, on either the right or the left- but when I saw this yesterday, it actually turned my stomach:

Until about 2006, when he appears to have lost his mind, his humanity and his decency, I was a pretty regular viewer of “Hardball with Chris Matthews.” This crosses a terrible line. And I’m rather appalled by the silence of his two talking head guests. You’d think one of them would say, “that’s the line, dude; where is your decency?”

I mean, left or right, there should be some things -like wishing people will die, or calling them “meat”- that are simply not said, without someone there saying, “wait…walk that back, you’ve gone too far.” I’m a nobody, and my thoughts don’t matter, but I did tweet, when the Olympics went to Rio, that Limbaugh was “overdoing” his glee. When Ann Coulter (admittedly, I’m not a fan) has overdone it, I’ve said so, and taken some abuse for it, too. If anyone on the left has suggested Matthews needs to walk that back, yet, I have not seen it. If anyone – in particularly any good feminist- has suggested that Keith Olbermann, a good “liberal” should reconsider calling a woman “a mashed bag of meat with lipstick”, because he doesn’t like her, well, I haven’t heard about that, either.

Then, this morning I saw this hit piece on Limbaugh from Rick Sanchez, who appears content to call himself a journalist while spouting so-called (and repellent) Limbaugh “quotes” for which he offers neither audio nor textual proof.

It doesn’t matter, says Sanchez, and -apparently- CNN News, (recently declared a “real” news network by the Obama White House) that he has no proof, no record of Limbaugh uttering these foul words. The accusation is enough. An assertion is as good as the truth for Sanchez, and those working with him on their crusade to prevent a private citizen who has earned his wealth to be able to use it as he wishes.

The assertion is enough, and now it is “up to Limbaugh to prove he didn’t say it.”

Because, as we saw in Rathergate, professional journalists now want to be able to smear someone with any untruth they like, and demand that the victims of their slander “prove” a negative.

“Prove that you did not do what I said you did,” is not journalism. It is, frankly, the tactic of the schoolyard bully and the fascist. They are often one and the same. And they’ve learned that once a headline is “out there” retractions and corrections don’t much matter, to the narrative.

With a few professional exceptions, Jake Tapper springs immediately to mind, our mainstream media is as corrupt and dishonest as our congress. So, we’re in terrible trouble, if you haven’t yet figured that out.

As Mark Steyn notes, CNN can fact-check a comedy show, but not its own reporters.

I watch this attempt to keep Limbaugh from buying into a football team on the basis of words he did not say, and I think, if only he were Roman Polanski -they’d celebrate his interest in grown-up American athletes!

I am not going to post anymore, today. I have a cold and this took forever to write. As this month is both my birthday (yay!) and our wedding anniversary (Yayay!) my husband and I have decided that we’re taking some “time off” -he from meetings, incessant beepers and deadlines- me from reading and writing about the potential catastrophe and erosion of rights we’re looking at in our national future. I will schedule some random “Anchoress Reposts” to go up throughout the next few days, while I disappear.

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  • Bender

    now it is “up to Limbaugh to prove he didn’t say it.”

    Simply explicitly saying that he did not say it, as Limbaugh has done, is sufficient to meet that misplaced “burden” of proof. The ball is back in the MSM’s court.

    Meanwhile, they might refresh themselves with the definition of “actual malice” — actual knowledge of falsity or reckless disregard for the truth. With Rush’s denial, they now have actual knowledge of falsity. In addition, with their continued attacks, they have demonstrated that they have, not merely a reckless disregard, but an utter disregard for the truth.

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  • Sam

    It seems that since Father Neuhaus passed away, some of First Things comments have become rather crude: “up his ass”…this does not measure up to the First Things of Fr. Neuhaus. I agree with everything that has been said in this article but am dismayed at the lack of quality one is used to from First Things. Someone told me recently that First Things promoted a book by Weakland…a man who was well outside the authentic traditions/teachings of the Church. What is happening?

    [You are correct; I should not have used that phrase, and have fixed it. I also removed something else that -while inoffensive in phraseology- I was not comfortable in leaving the piece. Thanks -admin]

  • CV


    You will enjoy this clip of Rachel Campos-Duffy confidently speaking the truth to the ladies of The View. She had the temerity to say that Obama’s position on abortion should disqualify him from receiving the Nobel:

    I hadn’t heard of Rachel Campos-Duffy, but I hope we hear more from her in the future. Impressive!

    [Thank you. Interesting. The look on Walters' face was priceless. Look, I am not going to be around anymore until Monday. If people are going to leave url's in comments, they are going to be held in spam until then. Try this easy tutorial. If I can make a link, anyone can! :-) -admin]

  • http://www.savkobabe.blogspot.com Gayle Miller

    “Potential” catastrophe. DEFINITE catastrophe. Empty suit elected president; American paradise destroyed.

    It’s amazing that one man can do so much damage. And yes, I agree with you, little Chrissie Matthews has truly lost what passes for his mind!

  • dry valleys

    A Fool And His Religion Are Never Parted

    Where is it you’re going to then- hope it’s somewhere wild :)

    [Yeah, that's us, we're a wild couple. We're visiting pumpkin farms! admin]

  • dry valleys

    Yes, good that you’re taking advantage of what is in season. You may like to visit a site like eat the seasons for further wildness.

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  • kelleybee

    The media reminds me of a torch carrying mob howling and chasing the hapless “witches” toward the pit. Little do they know that the pit is large enough for them too.
    They seem willing to abdicated their First Amendment rights by thoughtlessly regurgitating the Obama line. Because of this, I fear the media will be party to “amending” my First Amendment rights.

  • http://www.aol.com exhelodrvr

    “We’re visiting pumpkin farms”

    is that a euphemism?

    [No. We really are -admin]

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  • B. Durbin

    Is telling lies slander or libel*? Either way, Rush can sue for defamation.

    *More to the point, where did these false quotes first appear? In print or on air?

  • http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/Stop+right+free+speech/2084313/story.html Ted

    Mr. Limbaugh would be legally required to prove his innocence if these accusations were filed with a Human Rights Commission in Canada.

    With Obama running the show, the US is faxt becoming our 11th province.

  • SjB

    Bon voyage! May you and your husband have some blessed time off full of your favorite foods, recreations, and rest. :)

  • Beatrix

    How dare you call the Anchoress “a nobody”, whose “thoughts don’t matter”?!

    This is something up with which I will not put!

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  • cathyf

    We’re visiting pumpkin farms

    Are you going pumpkin chucking?

  • http://theblackcordelias.wordpress.com/ Nan

    At first, Obama reminded me of Ross Perot; I was told it was the ears. More and more he reminds me of Jesse Ventura, who, for those of you fortunate enough to live in a state which has not elected a pro-wrestler to office of any kind, was very thin-skinned and always complained about the “media jackals.” My hypothesis was that if the media ignored him for a few days, he’d come running. It was all about him, all the time.

    Obama’s just as whiny but with more power. That scares me.

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