Would he piss on an image of Obama?

Larry David found comedy fodder in piety on the latest episode of his series, “Curb Your Enthusiasm.’

On the show’s most recent installment, which aired Sunday, David urinates on a painting of Jesus Christ, causing a woman to believe the painting depicts Jesus crying.

During Sunday’s episode, David, who created, wrote and produced “Seinfeld,” visits a bathroom in his assistant’s home and splatters urine on a picture of Jesus. Instead of wiping it off, David leaves the restroom. Minutes later, David’s assistant enters the bathroom and concludes that Jesus is crying. She then summons her mother to the bathroom, where both women kneel in prayer.

I’ve never seen this show, does anyone know if the assistant is recognizably ethnic? Is this “brave” comedian also taking a swipe at Hispanic (or for that matter Italian or Irish) piety? I’m just asking.

Look, there is aways some satirical fun to be had at the expense of those people who find images of religious figures in piece of toast, and in tree stumps and oil stains, but there is also a line. An image of Christ is merely an image, true, but it is an image that is sacred to over a billion people on the planet. Deal Hudson, in the linked article says:

“Why is it that people are allowed to publicly show that level of disrespect for Christian symbols? If the same thing was done to a symbol of any other religions — Jewish or Muslim — there’d be a huge outcry. It’s simply not a level playing field.”

Forget Jewish, forget Muslim. If, let’s say, Kelsey Grammer had done precisely the same thing on his show, but using an image of, oh, let’s just say ferinstance, Barack Obama, do you think he’d still have a career?

Frankly, the idea of an image of a pissed-on Obama “weeping,” and some of his fans falling to their knees over it, would have a lot of satirical value; it would offer commentary both on the excesses of religious and political worship, and offend fewer people than David’s cowardly joke.

It takes no courage for an rich, unbelieving “artist” to piss on Christ. After all, that’s been done before. And Jesus voluntarily submitted himself to much worse, which means nothing an “artist” does to any image of Christ can do anything but reflect on the spiritual poverty of the “artist,” himself. For an “artist” to use Jesus for a cheap joke is about as “courageous” and “bold” as making a joke about George W. Bush before an audience of like-thinkers; it takes no courage at all.

But for an “artist” to make an identical satirical “joke” on Obama and his adorers? That would take great courage. That would be bold, and daring. And it would speak reassuring volumes about free speech in America.

I would not want to see it. I would not want to see the image of any American President so ill-used; he’s my president, too.

But if Larry David could see the humor in pissing on Christ and the excesses of Catholic piety, surely he must see the humor in pissing on Obama, and the excesses of Obama worship?

Haha. It’s all so funny, isn’t it? Are you laughing? Are you not entertained?

UPDATE: Instalanche! Thanks, Glenn!

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  • Eric

    Ok, that does it. Larry David is now officially
    crazier than Michael Richards, which is no mean feat!

  • J.

    Anchoress’ original question was: (correct me if I am wrong, Anchoress) If this is a funny scene then would it be equally as funny if it had been the President?

    As I said earlier, the scene is funny but it is funny at the expense of someone as is all of David’s humor–some here have said it’s fat people others Christians and I could argue office workers and women that he is making fun of (it’s his “assistant” who both an office worker and a female who instantly thinks “miracle” versus bad bathroom practices and considering she has a picture of Christ over the toilet in the first place he may also be poking fun at the over the top religious, pick any religion).

    However, it’s still humor at the expense of another human being and because of his character’s amazing lack of understanding that other people actually have feelings (the show is always about his self-centered inability to cope with humanity in the very mundane occurrences of life–like peeing in someone else’s home and not knowing what to do–we all would know what to do , why doesn’t he, well because…he doesn’t actually care until after it becomes a problem for him.)

    As I said, I used to watch this kind of humor but now find it quite unfunny.

    I dislike what our current President is doing and hate both his tactics and his attack people but I wouldn’t find this scene funny using Obama either–it’s mean and mean-spirited and worse, David thinks it’s funny because it’s all about his character’s misogyny. Sad really.

  • Germanist

    I confess, when I hear of such performances I – although I’m 60 years old – get so furious. My heart starts beating at a very unhealthy pace and I have to work hard to get myself down again. However, in these moments, how much would I prefer to just join a protest-shouting crowd in my city, letting everything off – just like the muslims do all over Europe.
    They defend their territory.
    Alas, we do not, although we will loose the kingdom of Christ if we do not defend it. The kingdom of Christ has to be defended, just like any other Kingdom.

  • http://www.thebickersonsblog.blogspot.com Whitney

    I consider myself relatively “tolerant.” (Gag.) I also have enjoyed and looked forward to “Curb” every Sunday. I found myself trying to talk myself out of being offended by the show Sunday night. I gave up. It was plain gross watching Larry pee all over everything, let alone have some of his pee end up the “tear” on the face of Jesus. Lame. Not funny.

  • Joe Y

    As I’ve been thinking about it, what instigated the entire episode was the chubby girl’s insistence on baring her midriff, because she’d lost 68 pounds and was proud of her body. Jerry and Larry were trying to get her to dress more appropriately, but Larry’s alternatelty subtle and irritated attempts to get her to wear more business-appropriate attire infuriated her, so she quit. This outraged Julia-Louis Dreyfuss, who had hired the girl in the first place and was worried that this would cause the girl’s unstable mother (and Mrs. Dreyfuss’s former Nanny) to harm herself. This alarmed Larry, who drive immediately to the girl’s house, where he debased himself until the girl agreed to come back to work.

    It was when he had to use the bathroom that his drug-induced powerful urination caused a drop to go directly under the eye of the poster of Jesus. He looked at it very, very carefully, and decided it was probably part of the painting and was there already. All I can say, Anchoress, is that if you don’t have a TV, see if you can get someone to record the episode for you (it reruns all week) and at least watch the first part to see what actually happens.

    As far as PC racial politics goes, the Hurricane Katrina season in which the Black family, a black family–wait, need I say anything more? That season made any bodily fluid and a picture of Obama very small beer indeed.

  • http://heyitsjustablogman.blogspot.com/ Ted

    Larry David wrote several Seinfeld episodes where peeing was a mainstay of the story.

    In one episode, a friend of Kramers pees on Jerry’s new white sofa; in another episode Jerry is arrested for peeing in a parking garage, and another episode is all about Elaine “borrowing” a urine sample from Jerry’s mother.

    Q: Does Larry David have a urine fetish?
    A: Depends.

  • Joe Y

    The point I was trying to make at the beginning, before I wandered off, was that it was the girl’s vanity, narcissism, and sense of entitlement that instigated the problem, and Larry’s own moral sacrifice that got him in such trouble.

  • Andrew B

    I haven’t seen the show in question, but I have an opinion on this whole sort of “culture.” It is cowardly and it is lazy.

    Christians, as one commenter said, are expected to let this “roll off their backs,” and I suppose we should. It doesn’t hold a candle to Christians being burned alive in Nero’s gardens. Still, I can call it what it is.

    There is nothing less transgressive than someone who is “transgressive.” Such people only transgress the boundaries they already dismiss, or those that will win them safe, comforting applause from their peers. Then, when someone truly crosses a line (like the Danish cartoonists), they run squealing like debutantes.

    Or did I miss Larry David’s courageous defense of those under fatwa from radical Islam?

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  • Jack

    Many Jews in Hollywood are obsessed with Jesus in a twisted way. I think deep down they know that he is their Lord, but are unwilling to accept it for behavior-related reasons. That aside, Larry David and all these other people would never, ever have the guts to piss on an image of Muhammad, let alone Barry Obama.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    NanB, have you ever seen the British comedy show, “The Black Adder?” It’s hilarious, but veeeeeery vulgar!

    As deeb says, we should all “lighten up”—so I’m sure he won’t be offended if someone goes ahead and makes a show about an Obama picture being peed one, or otherwise indulges in crassitude directed at The One. Hey, it’s all humor, and we should all lighten up, and not be offended, right?

    It’s sad, what’s happened to comedy; most of us outgrow potty humor around the age of, oh, 8 or so.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Hollywood, Jewish, gentile, and everything in between seems to be obsessed with Christianity, and Christian iconography, in a very—well, a very strange way. I sometimes wish they’d pick on Zororastrians or Zen buddhists, just for a change of pace! (Not because I bear any ill will towards either religion. But, sheesh, guys! Get some new material!)

    Or. . . here’s a thought! They could try being actually funny, without wee-wee jokes or insulting Catholics, or fat people! Of course, that would require actual talent.

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  • ECW

    Andrew B,

    That’s much too presumptuous. Exceedingly so when admitting never having seen the program we’re discussing. You use the words “cowardly” and “lazy”. Must I then “dare” you to watch a full season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”?

    Surely you will not. That’d require the “courage” and “action” of another – per your post.

    As a Christian we must be made of sterner stuff.

    It is not some weak societal relativism, fatalistic nihilism, nor pop-cultural aloofness that should inform us. It is precisely our trust in God that gives us our temporal awareness, our ephemeral concern, our shoulder-shrugging dismissivness of the present. Sure, we should fight for what we hold dear. But we should also recognize, as we are taught, that it is, as foretold, an inevitably losing battle. People with no faith, no love, no reality, no real concern or responsibility – they will always be more adaptive than those with principles and faith. Why fight them. Let them have their Marxist maxim – that “religion is the opiate of the masses”. At least it gives us hope. While they that mock us have neither faith, nor hope, nor any understanding of anything beyond them. And worse – they’re consumed by their own opiates – by the ounce and gram, the needle and line, the drink and drug – all while condemning us merely for our faith.

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  • EMD

    From IMDB “In the 5th season finale “The End”, Larry discovers who his real parents are, and flies to Arizona to meet them. After a life-changing religious revelation, Larry decides to give Richard Lewis his kidney.”

    Larry’s real parents are Christians. When Larry visits with them, he finds them and their world to be the opposite of the craven world he inhabits.

    Larry finally finds out, he is indeed not adopted, and therefore Jewish (while headed to the OR) and reverts back to the petty, self-obsessed person he was before visiting his ‘real’ parents.

    So, Larry David is at worst an equal-opportunity offender.

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  • Beth

    Larry David seems to have many neuroses. I’m going to pray for him.

  • Michael

    “No hyperbole here!”

    Correct. There is historical form for things going as I said. In the particular case, Obama already has form in going after people personally. That is unreal…and you mock.

    The fact of the matter is that there is zero, none, nil nada form or history for Obama being a tolerant, decent person.


    If you think there is, name it.

  • Joe Y

    There was an interesting comment in WSJ’s “Best of the Web” that this was a spoof of Serrano’s idiotic “Piss Ch—.” I think he may have something there. It sounds very Larry David.

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  • BIll45

    For Larry’s next foray into the edgy, he will do the same thing to an image of the prophet, Mohammed.


    Larry’s no fool. He doesn’t want to see chopped off the head his creative brain and his clever mouth reside in.

  • rg

    I take great satisfaction in the scripture that says that on that great day of judgement, every knee shall bow. That includes this low life “atist”. I take great awe in the grace of God that if this artist asks Christ to forgive him of his sins, He will simply do so. And if he doesn’t I fear the moment on that great day of judgement when Christ looks upon his poor soul and says “I never knew you”.

  • Richard

    A friend of mine told me I should watch that clip as posted on Breitbart. I only made it halfway through the clip. I thought it was childish and pathetic. When I first got satellite TV in 1996, I had a trial subscription to HBO. I couldn’t believe that anyone would actually pay to watch that crap. It makes me grateful for all the money and time I’ve saved over the years by not subscribing to HBO.

  • Obloodyhell

    > On the other hand, the priest pointed out, Home Improvement (which was showing during the same time Senfeld was) was humor which although self deprecating, was encouraging,

    HI was relentlessly anti-male, to the extent they deliberately had his wife reading a Susan Faludi book on-screen. I basically stopped watching the show when they had Tim’s wife berating Tim because Al wasn’t behaving correctly with regards to a date he had had but wasn’t interested in pursuing. They started with Allen’s humor, which was self-deprecating, but before long perverted it into male-bashing.

    You’ve just been brainwashed to not recognize it for what it is.

    Now go back and watch a series of 5-10 episodes (first, with newly open eyes, looking for it) and tell me I’m wrong.

    You’ll start to grasp that what started as poking fun at male foibles became “women are as Godesses, men are all neanderthal troglodytes”

  • el polacko

    big difference between “pissing on christ” and accidentally splattering a painting. as for the people who believe in crying paintings, they are in the same league as those who see jesus in their burnt tortilla. the mild jab they got here is more than deserved.
    oh.. and david DID do an episode about a muslim woman in a burkha that he sets up with a blind guy to hilarious results. so all you ‘persecuted’ christians can calm down.

    [Just curious; how would you be about David "accidentally splattering" a painting of Obama? -admin]

  • old wife

    My daughter, in her 30′s, tried to explain to me why Steinfeld was funny. Finally, she just frankly told me that her generation found it ironical and humorus when three or four people could be so incredibly mean and heartless to one another, repeatedly, and still come back for more. “I guess they were all morons.” It seems that some people like to see others hurt and find it incredibly entertaining.

  • J

    Don’t we refer to them as senile, dribbling, old men? Not artists.

  • J

    We used to call them senile, dribbling old men and sorrowfully shake our heads.

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  • Trump


    I understand totally your issue here. But I’m a longtime fan of the show and all I can say is that you really need to have watched the episode (many episoides) to understand that Larry is basically a dopey “character” that routinely gets into/gets put into asinine over the top situations.

    The double standard is real and it exists. All I can tell you is that Larry didn’t do it out of malice

  • Trump

    Oh, if I may add one more thing……as someone noted above, Larry David doesn’t exactly do us Jews any favors the way he acts either. Equal opportunity offense!

    I guess now’s not the time to mention the episode where his father is showing up and he has to nail a mizzuzah to the door immediately and the only nail available is his devout Christian in-laws “authentic” nail taken from Jesus cross? And as mentioned, the Muslim/Burqua episode as well- not to mention various new-agey type stuff have come in for it on that show.

    As for your question about Obama picture……maybe not. But then again, I can honestly say it wouldn’t shock me if it happened either.

  • http://www.jimeo.blogspot.com Jim O’Sullivan

    I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again. If there were such a thing as Catholic suicide bombers, we wouldn’t have to put up with this stuff. Not that I’m suggesting anything…

  • Maria

    CD- you are correct. I quit watching television , and films, because of the useless vulgarity. I don’t want to see a man urinating on the screen, or any where else for that matter.

  • Joe Y

    If they were suicide bombers, they wouldn’t be Catholic.

  • Jeanie

    “If they were suicide bombers, they wouldn’t be Catholic.”

    Boy, I’d like to hear your explanation of this. Would it include something about how a real Catholic wouldn’t commit a sin like that? What kind of sins does a Catholic get to commit before being declared non-Catholic?

    In Mere Christianity, CS Lewis asks us to take people at their word. If someone says they are a Christian, then they are a Christian. I guess it’s up to you if you want to decide if they are the kind of Christian you want them to be or a “good enough” Christian. Same goes for Catholics, I suppose.

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  • Peter Warner

    Of all human frailties, ingratitude is the ugliest.

    There is nothing funny about defacing an image of something Holy, and those who pretend to see humor in it are blind, deluded, lazy or lying.

    Further, I see no merit in pretending to not take offense when good and Holy people are insulted.

    Honorable people are bound to honor that which is honorable. We shame ourselves with this hideous and self-destructive entertainment.

    If you find yourself instructed to step on a picture of the Virgin Mary, do you laugh and do it, or refuse, and bear the scorn and ridicule of your classmates? People have lost their lives for such simple acts. It was serious for Daniel Pearl, who professed his faith and heritage with four precious words: ‘I am a Jew’, and the world watched him lose his head for it. I defy those who laugh at this ‘entertainment’ to also laugh while watching his head getting sawed off. Go ahead, that’s what you’re doing; and if that thought makes you sick to your stomach then for a short moment you’ll understand how the rest of us already feel.

    I see no humor here, only the sickness of aimless and mislead people. Our connection to G-d is the most serious element of human life, and those who ridicule such solemn dynamics embrace their own damnation.

    Sincerely, Peter Warner.

  • Joe Y

    Jeanie: Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. I’m assuming that the suicide bomber is murdering in the name of the Roman Catholic Church, that he sees the act as theologically correct, in the way that Muslim suicide bombers say they do. If I’m wrong about Catholic theology, then forgive me, as I’m a Jew, but I would be surprised if it were.

  • T Migratorious

    I’m not Catholic, but nonetheless an Anchoress fan. More on the libertarian side than anything else, but definitely a Christian.

    After hearing the accolades for “Curb Your Enthusiasm, ” I put it in my Netflix queue. My spouse and I watched the first two episodes–please don’t tell me I should “give it a chance to develop”–and were repulsed. We decided that all of the mean-spirited episodes of “Seinfeld” that we didn’t like (e.g., “The Hamptons”) must have been attributable to his “humor.”

    Won’t ever watch another episode of CYE. The “Christ Piss” episode sounds like the cheap, calculatingly offensive humor that was present in the two episodes that we were able to stomach.

    I’m not offended because it’s provocative; I’m offended because it’s predictable and lame.

  • jeanie

    Joe Y, thanks for the clarification. I think I see what you mean. But here’s a question for you. When Islamic suicide bombers commit their crimes in the name of Islam, do you still tie them to Islam even though other Muslims say they don’t represent true Islam? I’m tired…that question could be worded more gracefully but I’ll leave it like that.

    If the guy is a Catholic, he’s a Catholic. Perhaps he doesn’t represent Catholic doctrine correctly, but he’s still a Catholic.

    Interesting questions.

  • Joe Y

    Hi, Jeanie: To take your 2nd comment first, I would qualify my statement to say that he’s a Catholic that has sinned grievously, and although he may think he’s acting in the name of the Catholic Church, he’s not, and citing the relevant scripture to point that out.

    The problem with Muslims is that far too few of them do that, and a significant amount feel that suicide bombing is justified, and, most to the point, can cite the relvant scripture in the Koran. The combination of the significant numbers of belivers in suicide bombing combined with their ability to find scriptural support, does demonstrate that Islam is not the same as the other religions at this point. One or the other, scriptural or popular support, is not sufficient. Popular support by itself is heresy, while scripural support alone, without the concommitant activity is essentially irrelevant.

    It doesn’t mean that suicide bombing is Islamic, but until there is widespread wholehearted condmenation, Islam has a major problem, and I don’t mean just here on earth. Quite the contrary.

    Finally, your last point, that a Catholic is still a Catholic even if he’s a Catholic suicide bomber, resonates with particular bitterness with me as a Jew. All kinds of nominally Jewish rotten people get a great deal of mileage out of claiming to be Jewish because of their ancestry. In this situation their religious identity is a matter for the Almighty, just as it is for the Catholic suicide bomber murdering in the name of Catholicism.

    The Almighty has set a certain criteria for Catholicism in this world, and the bomber has not met it, and the next world is not our business.

    I’m sure there are errors here, and forgive the spelling (I’m pretty wiped myself) but I hope I have communicated somewhat successfully.

  • Joe Y

    Just to amplify one thing: It is not the sin of suicide bombing that denies the bomber’s Catholicism, it’s the not believing it to be a sin.

  • Trump

    [I merely wonder what the reaction would be if David played the same scene with an Obama picture in an Obama-loving household. I somehow doubt that would be shrugged off. admin]

    That’s because at the end of the day, your faith is stronger than theirs.

  • Trump

    “Many Jews in Hollywood are obsessed with Jesus in a twisted way. I think deep down they know that he is their Lord, but are unwilling to accept it for behavior-related reasons.”

    Not really. Us Jews know no such thing. That’s not a combatative statement, just a factual one. We know very well who our lord is, as well as you know who yours is. I hope that satisfies your speculations on the subject in a satisfactory manner. If you subscribe to the “all roads to god are the same” theory, we could be talking about the same lord – but it’s all in how you get there in that case.

    As for what Hollywood Jews are obsessed with….that’s a bit of an unfair comment simply because Hollywood is a planet all unto itself and every inhabitant, regardless of religion is clinically insane :)

  • Ellen

    The long-time fans of Curb who have written here have forgotten (I think – I may have skimmed too quickly) the many, many jokes – some of them bordering on very bad taste – Larry David has made about Jews and Judaism. The character of Larry David basically has no use for religion – he doesn’t hate it, he just sees it as a waste of time. There have been countless storylines revolving around Larry David showing absolutely no respect for Jewish tradition (the episode where he’s pretending to be Orthodox..why? I can’t remember..something about a car) or Jewish sacral history – including the Holocaust. Did anyone see the episode dealing with dueling definitions of “survivor?” Oh, my….

  • Mortimer Peacock

    The Anchoress seems to be hung up on some hypothetical “How would this play if Larry pissed on a picture of Obama?” situation. I’m sure Larry David could pull off all kinds of humor at the expense of Obama personality cultists (not the same thing, mind you, as people who support him for more worthwhile reasons).

    But, as with the Jesus thing, it would only be funny if it was, you know, DONE WELL. If a gag is sloppy or badly written or cliched, it’s not going to work. Sorry to be so simple-minded in this, but a comedic scene is funny only if it’s well-crafted. Skillful craftsmanship has nothing to do with political or theological sympathies.

    Another thing. Why all the grumbling about an episode that you admittedly haven’t seen? The point of the joke wasn’t “Ha ha Larry pissed on Jesus.” It was, at first, the utter horror with which Larry reacted when he realized what he’d done (as some other commenters have pointed out, a running theme on “Curb” is Larry’s utter haplessness when it comes to religion, a running gag very much at HIS expense). THEN it was about the silly mother and daughter thinking it was some kind of miracle.

    Pissing on a picture of Obama probably wouldn’t work because Obama supporters, no matter how in love with the guy they might be, as of yet don’t have a history of seeing kitschy Obama miracles everywhere. Catholics do. Hence the joke.

    There are plenty of ways to make fun of Obama cultists though. It just has to be funny.

  • Jeanie


    “Just to amplify one thing: It is not the sin of suicide bombing that denies the bomber’s Catholicism, it’s the not believing it to be a sin.”

    I would say that suicide bombing is a sin–and not believing it to be a sin is the sin of arrogance. Or perhaps the sin of despair, when someone gives up on God’s ability to deal with whatever problem the suicide bombing “solves”.

    I agree that Islam has a problem. I don’t know the religion well enough to know if it is a problem of actual theology (suicide bombing really IS okay) or a problem of popular support for misunderstood theology. Another problem could be the lack of moral courage in standing up to the religion and saying, “No matter what the scriptures say, suicide bombing is wrong.”

    When someone bombs an abortion clinic, Catholics all over stand up to say that while abortion is wrong, so is the bombing and that the bomber is a sinner. I’d like to see more, and more visible statements like that from Islam.

    “All kinds of nominally Jewish rotten people get a great deal of mileage out of claiming to be Jewish because of their ancestry. ”

    Yes, I have heard that complaint before. The difference might be that Jews are Jewish because they are born Jewish, and even secular Jews are still Jews. Catholics might be born into the Catholic church and baptized as babies, but Catholics can choose to stop being Catholic. An ex-Catholic says he used to be a Catholic. Is there such a thing as an ex-Jew? Perhaps a Jew who left the faith says he is a Jew who used to be religious but he still says he’s a Jew. Judaism is a nation as well as a religion. Not so with other faiths. (Ah, now you can explain how little I understand about Judaism. I can take it! :-)

    “The Almighty has set a certain criteria for Catholicism in this world, and the bomber has not met it, and the next world is not our business.”

    I would say that the Almighty has set a certain criteria for people in this world and we try out best to discern the criteria and meet them.

    I am enjoying this discussion though it’s hard to put together a coherent response in between doing things here at work.

  • Trieste

    I appreciate this post. In reading other reactions on the net, I am struck by how people who are defending Larry David’s right to free speech are completely missing the point.

    If I pissed on the Star of David on an HBO program, I would be instantly banned from further broadcasting. I would probably be hauled to jail for committing a “hate crime.” This is a fact. Jews insist on public respect for Judaism, and even the most innocuous reference to their religion or to Israel is deemed anti-semetic if it’s true but casts Jewish culture or tradition in a negative light.

    You can bet that if anyone insulted Judaism on a public broadcast, the ADL, JDL, B’nai Brith, Hadasah, etc. would link together in full force to not only demand a public apology, pull the show from the air, but see what they could do legally to punish this case of “free speech.”

    That Larry David has made fun of Jews and Judaism does not mean it’s acceptable for a gentile to do so in public. Everyone keeps saying, “Lighten up! He makes fun of everyone!” but only a powerful media Jew such as himself is allowed to make fun of Jews. And he would never, ever urinate on a Star of David or an Israeli flag.

    Catholics are right to be outraged, and I ask all Christians who are offended by this, and who truly understand the double standard at play here, to cancel their HBO subscription.