A beautiful photo link!

Our Passionist friends at St. Joseph’s Monastery in Kentucky invite us to make a retreat with them.

I would love to be there right, when their lovely grounds are in splendid autumn, offering hope in the vivid colors that accompany approaching silence; promise of renewal.

But, since I am nowhere near Kentucky (and like a bad wine, I do not travel well) I will content myself, for now, with enjoying the lovely photos which the sisters have posted on their blog.

Maybe we should take up a collection and send Maureen Dowd to meet these happy sisters, where they live and pray, which is their work and rest. For refreshment. We can all use some refreshment.

And follow this link to a beautiful gift of morning prayer

Good morning!

Passion, Passion, Passion
Nuns in Kentucky Ice

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  • http://domestic-vocation.blogspot.com Christine the Soccer Mom

    So sorry for the OT comment, but I thought of you last night while I watched our beloved Yanks win it all again. :) Can’t wait to read your comments on the post season.

    God bless!

    [Actually I doubt I'll be writing about it...I twittered my way through the game and more or less got it all out of my system! :-) admin]

  • Brooklyn

    Morning prayer is a joyous conception.

    Isn’t making coffee, a form of prayer?

    How did human beings become so brilliant, to evolve a little coco bean, into so many wonderful items?


    A little Divine intervention?

    On that note, clearly the CURSE on the Yanks, from the old “i have always been a Yankee fan” exploitation is now over.

    Congratulations !

    Although i have problems, for i always tend to pull for the underdog, happy for the Yankee fans.

    But have to sometimes wonder, if a few players who we know have used illegal substances to improve and prolong their games, weren’t empowered by the best science ever created to make the human body a little stronger – faster – better.

    I will have to pray for forgiveness, as my cynical nature is perhaps sinful, to judge in such a manner.

    But these days, having spent over 150 Million more than the other WS opponent, with a new Stadium, etc., I have to believe the pressure could induce a few to seek an edge.

  • Ellen

    Too bad you don’t travel – the Passionist monastery is quite beautiful. And near it is the Archabbey of St. Meinrad which is also beautiful and where I go for retreats.

  • http://www.spiritualthingsmatter.com Viola Jaynes

    Beautifully peaceful!