Faith Friday Wise Desert Words I

Amma Theodora lists these qualities for a teacher:
– Have no desire to dominate
– Have no interest in vanity or pride
– Never be distracted by flattery or gifts
– Be in control of the stomach
– Be slow to become angry
– Be as patient, gentle and humble as possible
– Be properly examined and without political ties
– Be a lover of souls

You, then, that teach others, will you not teach yourselves?
– Romans, 2:21

(Source, to come…)

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  • Acer Palmatum
  • Ichiro Suzuki

    I wrote a haiku after the Yankees and Hideki Matsui’s victory:

    to find a new lord
    i will travel far by foot
    and live by hard wood

  • Ichiro Suzuki

    This one was written in a moment of bitterness. I would be lying if I said it has completely passed yet:

    you: standing nearby
    me: gripping baseball, i
    whip it at your head

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  • Robert

    I must politely disagree on the entry about pride. I agree that a teacher shouldn’t be vain in their intelligence, and by extension condescending to their pupils, yet they should seek pride in how much they help their pupils. I am toying with the idea of becoming a teacher, and the strongest thing pushing me in that direction is the want to eventually be able to tell someone (in a field of my expertise), “there is no more I can teach you.” Obviously I do not intend to be an elementary school teacher.