London 1927 in living color

This is delightful, really, and sad, too, in a way -a travelogue film of London, in 1927. Found at New Advent, who notes that this film was taken “five years after Chesterton’s conversion and thirteen years before the blitz.”

Fascinating, and a little melancholy to consider. Wonderful to see how London had recovered from “the war to end all wars,” and to see the promise inherent in all of those new forms of travel and communication. Melancholy because “promise” seems all used up, and all we are left with, lately, is scolding, and a sense of things coming end, rather than to constant new beginnings.

It all seems so innocent, self-assured, and so stable; “there will always be an England.” Only 82 years later, we’re forced to wonder about that. That is, I suppose, a new beginning; what shall we make of it?

Related: Some truly amazing color stills of trench warfare, that Ace had yesterday. Great historical stuff.

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