Jingle Bell Java is Back! – UPDATE

What is Jingle Bell Java?

It might be the most delicious coffee ever invented. Evah! And -in keeping with the history of monk-y inventiveness- it was created by monks, but let’s let them describe it:

Jingle Bell Java is arguably our best flavor and is always popular around the Christmas hearth. Unique spices with white chocolate and bourbon make up this delicious treat. A perfect coffee for every occasion. Perfect for the Joyful Christmas Season. Please note: This coffee is only available for a limited time.

Yeah, that “limited time” is the thing. You can only get Jingle Bell Java at Christmas and Easter -the monks special gift to the world, at a time when we celebrate other (admittedly far greater) gifts to the world. I buy several bags, and then freeze it, so that in the doldrum months of February and March, I can parcel it out as a warming, wonderful treat.

How good is Mystic Monk Coffee? Before we found this, my husband would get mad at me because I would not drink coffee that had been sitting for a half hour on the burner; it was old and horrible. This coffee? It can sit on the burner for 90 minutes, and still be drinkable.

So, get your Jingle Bell Java while you can. If you haven’t tried it, this is the time to do so; as soon as you taste it, you’ll realize, “Much of my Christmas Shopping is done-diddly-done!” It comes in regular; it comes in decaf. It is glorious, glorious stuff.

Speaking of Christmas, each year, the monks create a limited-time-only “Christmas Blend” (different from Jingle Bell Java) that arrives in a gold-foil bag and is worth checking out. Last year’s blend was very well-reviewed by coffee aficionados, and this year’s blend is described thusly:

Each year the Christmas Blend is a totally new gourmet blend specially crafted by the monks…The 2009 Christmas Blend is a delicious and sophisticated blend of eight beans from all over the world. A medium dark blend with citrus flavors at first taste then a very smooth finish with pleasant pungency.

I’m sold. The monks also offer some very agreeable-looking gift sets, new mugs, (including a travel mug!) hoodies and tees, “sample” packs and gift cards (ah, gift cards, was there ever so marvelous an idea, but you have to go through the monk’s search button to find them!)

Okay, I’ll stop. Obviously, it’s almost time for me to go into my big listing of great Christmas gift ideas, provided by monastics and homemakers, but I haven’t pulled that together yet. Perhaps I will go pour myself a cup of Mystic Monk Chocolate Raspberry, which I bought to try and rather like, and I’ll work on that.

But do yourself a favor and order yourself a bagful of Jingle Bell Java. A cup of that will put you in the mood to start writing your Christmas list, which will look like this:

Mom: Jingle Bell Java and Hoodie (she’s always cold)
Dad: Hermit’s Bold Blend and Travel Mug
Spouse: Hazelnut, Jingle Bell Java, Mystic Monk Blend
Teachers, Mechanics, Co-Workers: Mystic Monk Sample Gift Pack
Brother: Cowboy Blend and Gift Card
Sister: Mystical Christmas Gift Set
Irish Neighbor: Irish Creme Decaf
Boss: Christmas Blend Complete Pack
Favorite Vet/Firefighter: Midnight Vigils Blend
Hostess gifts: Jingle Bell Java and Gift Card

When I can, I always try to bring Jingle Bell Java with me as a hostess gift; then there is a chance she’ll serve it!

But you know I always bring her (or him, if it’s a host) a bit of hand and lip balm from the nuns, and (if it’s appropriate) a rosary bracelet, too.

So, I am a very popular guest, let me tell you!

UPDATE: Currently the links to the Mystic Monk coffee are back up and working!

Christmas Wreaths by Norbertine Nuns

FTC Disclaimer: Promotion of the rosary bracelets, Christmas wreaths, lotions and balms does not compensate this site in any way shape or form, except in prayers (and the occasional delicious stollen) by the bracelet, wreath and balm-makers. Promotion of Mystic Monk Coffee does add some coinage to the coffers, for which I am almost pathetically grateful. But I would be promoting the coffee, even if that were not the case. It is the best stuff in the world.

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  • dry valleys

    Buy yourself some biscuits to eat with them. Furthermore, a nice drop of proper Scotch whisky wouldn’t go amiss. I drink The Talisker every now & then. It is a bit costly but I drink only a bit & leave the regular drinking of blended stuff to alcoholoic pensioners :)

    I, further, have got 10 bottles of wine delivered for giving out as presents, which saves having to make individual choices ;)

    In other news, I am waiting for some fruit trees I ordered to arrive. I’ll be harvesting the bounty of the earth next summer. Like Obama in the WH garden, but better.

    With regards to things produced by monks. Saki has one of his charachters say: “people may say what they like about the decay of Christianity; the religious system that produced green Chartreuse can never really die.” Perhaps my anti-clerical efforts are all in vain- I’ve yet to see Dawkins or the Hitch brew anything so worthy :)

  • http://www.reflectionsbykris.squarespace.com Kris, in New England

    OK, OK! I give in – I bought some of the Jingle Bell Java. I’m a confirmed Starbucks fiend and love their Christmas Blend. But I’m willing to try this new stuff on your recommendation.

    So the pressure is on… :-)

    [You will NEVER go back to Starbucks! :-) -admin]

  • Robert_H


    I’m sure you’re already doing this but if you think about it, can you offer some extra prayers for the monks’ new “recruits.” One is from my parish – his family attends the same TLM Mass we do. (They also have a daughter who is a nun/postulant.) Thanks!

    PS – I started Fire Academy last month. I’ll have to bring some of Midnight Vigils in to the station and see what the guys think of it.

  • http://www.erud-awakening.blogspot.com Gina

    I’ve become a regular customer of Mystic Monk coffee, but I have to say I was disappointed by the Jingle Bell Java last year. I think it is just that I don’t like flavored coffees at all. I taste the artificial-ness. The only flavors I can abide are real spices, like putting a good, strong cinnamon in the grounds.

    I used to love Trader Joe’s Winter Blend coffee because it was flavored with pieces of cinnamon stick, whole cloves, and whole red and green peppercorns; however the quality of the coffee went down hill last year.

  • http://firstthings Joseph Puglielli

    Dear Anchoress, Oh Anchoress,
    What am I doing wrong? I buy the Mystic Monk. Grind the beans myself, place them in the coffee machine favored by the Yankee Clipper( you know who he was), use purified water and still I do not have the same good coffee taste that I get in our local very good cafes. What am I doing wrong? I feel like a Red Sox fan standing in Yankee Stadium!!!!

  • Greta

    You need to add some coffee brewer recomendations for use with the monks coffee.

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