The Kitsch of Christmas

A while back I got a lot of emails from people wondering if I had lost my mind, or had become confused, because I posted this video.

To this day, I have no idea whether the thing is real or not. My suspicion was that it was a parody meant to sting the consciences of those who go overboard with the Christian Kitsch -you know, the pictures of Jesus playing soccer with the kids, or the Virgin Mary who looks like Barbie.

As Christmas draws near, our friend Caroline Cannonball -who entertained/frightened us by procuring pictures of ugly churches- is on the hunt for the Kitschiest of Christmas; specifically Nativity Kitsch, but I suspect anything really horrid will fascinate her. To get us started, she offers:

At this writing, Ms. Cannonball already has one submission, in her comments section. I am sure she will be drowning in them, soon enough.

I may as well confess, I have a thing for Nativity sets. I own half a dozen of them and 2-3 are always out all year, because the Incarnation is a source of endless fascination and meditation for me. If I had been a nun, I’d have had to have taken the name “Sr Mary Whatever of the Incarnation.” And, yes, one of my Nativity sets is…a little kitschy. But it’s also really adorable, and since the Teddy Bears are supposed to be putting on a Nativity pageant, I you know…really love it and will make excuses to keep it. ‘Cause it’s cute.

Then there is this:

Bob Dylan’s Christmas Album

I have to be honest, again…this one’s sort of growing on me. I can’t believe I even said that. But it is!

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