Your Advent Penance

I know some argue that Advent is “no longer” a penitential season, and others say it is.

I’m not debating it. I think a little penance is a good thing. And here is yours. :-)


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  • Bender

    I know some argue that Advent is “no longer” a penitential season, and others say it is.

    Someone very special is coming. You would think it obvious that it would be appropriate to clean up a bit before He gets here.

  • 11B40


    I think I’ll just stick with my 12 Rosaries and go on my way unscathed.

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  • Matthew K

    The most interesting thing about this video? He appears to be lip-syncing (poorly). They couldn’t capture this performance in all of its glory on a live track?

  • Tempus Fugit

    Now playing at the Purgatory Lounge for one eternity only!

    I’m fairly certain I didn’t do anything bad enough to deserve such a penance.

  • Bob Devine

    That is flat out awful!

  • Jau jau

    Oy gevalt! Truly a suckworthy endeavour was that! Ouch!

  • Ellen

    I’ve heard so many bad and or bombastic performances of O Holy Night that I can’t listen to it anymore. I know lots of people love it, but I’m not one of them.

  • Patrick

    Oh, this is dreadful! And his suit that appears to be fashioned from duct tape! Why did you do this to us? For YOUR penance, you should post a LOVELY version of this and other Christmas hymns each day of Advent!

  • Victor

    What can I say? sinner vic just told me that in some world dimension this guy would be on fire!

    He also tells me that he’s booked him on the next space trip cause he can afford “IT”.

    All kidding aside that penance sure beats forty days and nights fasting in the desert! Don’t you think? :)


  • saveliberty

    ;) Isn’t penance the right thing to do after making fun of this singer? I am sorry, Lord, for laughing out loud at the falsettos he sang.

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  • Jerome Hoeser

    This website over a period of months that I have read it comes across as overwhelmingly negative. One would hope that with some Christian Gospel values a more positive
    note would be possible with just a bit of
    insight and wisdom.

  • SallyJune

    Is that guy channeling Bill Murray?

  • Robb76

    Madam, Do you hate us?

    [What? I thought it was funny! :-) admin]

  • Brian David

    I agree with the lip synching commenter. Maybe he lost a bet or something, and this is the vengeance madated by the victor.

  • Brian David

    Oops. I meant “mandated.”

  • Anglican Peggy

    Penance? I think that anyone who manages to sit through the whole thing should get a gold star!

    As it went on, I kept turning the sound down, a little more, a little bit more….It was still almost unbearable.

    PS it has to be a put on! Singing this bad can only be on purpose :-)

  • Maury

    This was the funniest thing I have seen this week. Thank you for giving me a great laugh!