Penance Palate Cleanser

You see, I am a harsh but fair mistress. After pummeling you with this, I ease off on the penance, with this:

If you can’t get enough of this song, and I think I’m at saturation point, myself, Kim Priestap serves up a variety of O Holy Night vids.

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  • Kaspar

    Nice, but can’t hold an Advent candle to this one:


  • dick

    This is how it should be sung = in the original French

  • Bender

    Celine Dion??

    Why must you continue to torment us?
    [Well...I confess, I'm not a fan, either. But she's less offensive on this piece than some others are. -admin]

  • Gapeseed


  • Ellen

    Argh – Celine Dion!!! My ears, my ears!!

  • DaveW

    The Celine Dion version is the best I’ve found on YouTube. But….that doesn’t make it a good interpretation. It doesn’t make me vomit.

    OK I just listened to it again. It is actually pretty good. The key to enjoying it seems to be not watching the video – instead just listen.

    How does she get her eyebrows to do that anyway? Plastic surgery?

    I’m such a bad boy. Sorry Anchoress.

  • Carol S

    Please post Michael Crawford singing the same song, It’s the best one there is. He absolutely takes your breath away.

  • JTinNYC

    Why is it so difficult to “watch” this video? And why would Celine nearly make someone “vomit”….for heaven’s sake, she comes from a very poor Quebecois family, she is beloved in that province – yes, she married a man older than herself, but apparantly is devoted to him and her child. Have you heard of any scandals? Have you heard she is anything other than a caring person? Why is it so “cool” to loathe her? Hmmmmmmm?

    [Speaking only for myself, it's her chest-pounding bombast. I know nothing about her personal life, and don't care about it, either. She might be the best person in the world. I don't "loathe" her, either. I just never cared for bombast, and when I saw her punch herself in the chest as she sang that Titanic tune on some awards show, it was just a bit much for me. -admin]

  • JTinNYC

    Wasn’t addressing my remarks to you, dear Anchoress…more to those who took simple dislike into more strident realms. But to each his own, right? Merry Christmas to all – and to Celine too! JT

  • Lucia

    OK, it’s the O Holy Night competition. Nate King Cole version has my vote. You can actually understand the lyrics, (not buried under affect). I have to be able to hear “and the soul felt its worth,” most singers swallow it. I remember the first time I heard those words- it pierced my heart. Mr. Cole has a purity and power, reminiscent of the Christ Child.