Yep, She's a Natural!


As Camille Paglia said – Palin is a natural.

Which is one reason why -for some- she must be destroyed.

A politician who has the ability to laugh at himself, and to convey a sense of being completely comfortable in his own skin, is a politician who brings with him the intangible, unmeasurable gift of touching people where they live, in their gut. And that makes people feel safe, and reassured. As we saw in the last election, marketing and PR can certainly persuade. But if people have a choice between slick-but-cool enigma, or a something warm and safe, they’ll take warm and safe, every time.

That’s the other reason Palin must be destroyed.

William Shatner, by the way, was brilliant, too.

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  • Michael


    You are right. The Left is ONLY about personality cult. Evil, however, always mimics the good.

    Therefore, to note that one person has a real personality is, for the Left, the same thing as they do – which is to develop a cult centering on the person.

    They do this as a default position: FDR, Kennedy, King, Clinton, Obama et al. That’s just the American ones: Hitler, Stalin, Bin Laden, Chavez, etc., etc – Leftists all (and if you say Hitler and Bin Laden are not leftists then you probaly don’t know what the left is – they all share and subscribe to the same base philosophy and rationale about “The West”, “The Good”, “The Truth”, “Reality”, “Power”, etc.).

    Leftists are not only the worst people there are on earth in its history; they are the worst people it is possible to be. The conscious, knowing ones anyway.

  • Michael


    You got it.

  • Jeanne

    She reminds me of Ronald Reagan in that way – he had such a way of coming up with a funny, self deprecating remark, a good zinger that never left feelings hurt. He was natural, like she is. I’m not sure she is “presidential material’ but I hope she remains in the public spotlight, if only to be the gadfly to her opponents.

  • Gayle Miller

    She is one awe-inspiring woman, our Sarah! I think Dennis Miller said it best when he said that the hairy armpit crowd are terrified by her because it is evident that the Governor and her husband are having frequent, good, non-neurotic sex and enjoying it!

    Could well be. Who knows what goes on in the [purported] minds of the hairy armpit crowd! Am I laughing at them – you betcha! Do they get the joke? Nope!

  • Michael Liccione

    I am delighted by Sarah and wish she could be president. But I don’t think she’s ready yet. She’s got the charisma, the connection with ordinary folks, the independence from monied interestes, and a Reagan-style sense of humor. But she lacks the experience and wonkery, both of which Reagan had plenty of time to develop before he became president.

    The next few years with her will be interesting, but 2016 will be the earliest she could run a credible campaign.

  • TomG

    I adore this wonderful woman. And Bill Shatner is better at self-deprecating humor than anybody!

  • nohype1

    To a good number of commenters above: Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.