It's all so beautiful!

Via Deacon Greg, who says: This may be the world’s most eloquent homily on life and death, and it doesn’t contain a single word.

One year in 120 seconds from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.

It kind of reminded me of a scene from the movie “Michael,”
where John Travolta, playing the soon-to-exit-earth Archangel looks around at the world and everything in it, and says with a tone full of fullness, longing and wonder, “it’s all so beautiful.”

I’d love to show you that clip, but can’t find it, and I can’t embed this, either.

There is always this, of course, and it’s pretty wonderful, too:

And what the heck, I’m in the mood to be amazed:

Hmmmm…when I watch Gene Kelly, I realize where Paula Abdul got a lot of her moves.

Funny how the brain flits from one thing to the next, isn’t it?

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  • Leslie

    Oh, Elizabeth, you have done the most wonderful thing…you cannot even know. I see God’s hand here. Bless you~

  • Bob Devine

    I have no idea at all about what Paula Abdul has done but I sure enjoyed the dance number since it had Donald O`Conner in it. I always like him. Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Cyd Charisse and so many others. Those were good times. It would sure be nice if they would bring back a modern version of some of those old song and dance movies.

    [The last link goes to a Paul Abdul video, you can watch her tap. -admin]

  • dick

    I know Gene Kelly was such an athletic dancer but I never realized just how good Donald O’Connor really was. The two of them were dynamite together.

  • dick

    Some time if you can find it, look for the TV special that Paula Abdul, Liza Minnelli and Baryshnikov did together. some fabulous dancing there.