Why the Internet is Evil

Because I have work to do. I. Have. Work. To. Do.

And I just spent an hour watching men dance.

I could watch Baryshnikov all day. I’d forgotten how good the dancing was in White Nights. Here he is with the late, great, Gregory Hines. Watch his landings, so soft!:

And the air he gets beneath him:

I must put in a word for my Irish boys, too:

See? Now you’ve just wasted precious time watching men dancing, too.

Like I said: evil.

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  • Diane

    For me it was Nureyev – exquisite.

  • http://neoneocon.com neo-neocon

    Watching men dance can never be a waste of time.

  • Acer Palmatum

    I liked White Nights, but I do not get that much out of men dancing.

    Sorry to go o/t but this review of Avatar is interesting. Not another review of Avatar you say? Yes, I do. Because any review that talks seriously about the film The Mission is a good review for The Anchoress.

  • TNP

    What? No Fred or Gene?

    [I posted Gene Kelly just the other day! -admin]

  • Liz

    The time was not wasted… they are all great dancers and nice to look at.

  • Gordon Savage

    I entered the Catholic Church at the same time Gregory Hines returned (I think he went to Catholic schools as a kid). We were often at the same Mass, a detail I noticed not because he was Gregory Hines, “stars” are just locals at St. Monica’s, but because we had something in common. We both struggled to keep our composure during the Eucharistic, to stand without knees buckling, to hold back the tears. It was the end of a long journey for both of us. In the final years of his life he had joy of offering God his life and talent. He died in great peace.

  • Tonestaple

    These clips of Baryshnikov are very pretty but I am not a fan of ballet. I dare not attend live performances because it’s all I can do not to laugh out loud. You see, here are all these beautiful ballerinas, so lithe, so graceful, so delicate, and they twirl about en pointe so lovely and then they do a leap and they land on their toes and the sound is THUNK audible over all the pretty music and the ethereality of it all is completely GONE.

    Also, men in dance belts just remind me of my Ken doll.

    Tap is another story all together – they’re supposed to be making a racket, and they are so fast that it seems they must be violating laws of physics to do what they’re doing.

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  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Neo is right; watching men dance is never a waste of time. It’s most enjoyable!

  • SKAY

    I was lucky enough to see a live solo performance by Baryshnikov who was on tour years ago. My daughter and I still talk about it – he was fabulous.

  • Mimsy

    At least, it did not take me an hour to watch. Thanks for doing the advance work! And yes, I, too, love to watch men dance. I prefer to hear women sing though.

  • grace

    I didn’t watch the dancing, but i did read all the posts and comments along with sending this comment. I think that might count. :)
    P.S Atleast you DO have work to do.
    Is it true, 17% are without?

    [I think it's closer to 22-25% -admin]

  • MochaLite

    Evil perhaps, but so very attractive. The precision of movement, the control, the beauty!

  • cathyf

    Ok, confession time… Back when my kids were little, and I was forced to watch Barney tapes over and over until the vcr broke (no, I didn’t break it deliberately, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) we had this tape where Barney and the kids flew in a flying 3-masted schooner to a desert island and met an “eccentric” inventor. (There is something darkly funny about Barney making fun of anyone for being odd, but I digress.) The inventor and the kids then proceeded to sing and dance around the treehouse “lab”.

    …and I thought, “Mmmmm… Cute butt on the dancing guy — all that dancing makes for great glutes!”

    (Hey, it was desperate times. I had to do something to save my sanity!)

  • http://www.justgrits.wordpress.com Obi’s Sister


  • Dimitri Cavalli

    How about this? link

  • Dimitri Cavalli
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