"Haiti is the broken bloody body of Christ" – UPDATED


Go here for my latest updates on Haiti

Updated from last night: The horror

Difficulty in Mobilizing. Yes, it’s difficult; many roadblocks.

The stunned peace begins to break down. Blogs for Victory notes:

Looks like Haiti will become a de-facto American protectorate over the next few days as Haiti’s government is essentially collapsed and non-functional. If we’re going to do it, might as well be in for a dime, in for a dollar…get a UN resolution putting Haiti into trusteeship under American protection. We’re going to end up spending billions, anyway, and we might as well do something permanently useful.

I agree, and as I suggested yesterday, Obama needs to put someone credible, and experienced in disaster relief, into a pro-tempore leadership position. I think Rudy Giuliani fits the bill; he knows how to build a team, he has experience with disaster management; he also has international credibility and all kinds of contacts in security/infrastructure/planning etc. Seems like a hand-to-glove fit, to me. Or, if not Giuliani, someone in the military -perhaps an Iraq vet- who has had experience with crisis and rebuilding, needs to go in there, and it needs to happen very quickly.

Kentucky Adoption Services urgently trying to save the lives of orphaned children.

Tunku Varadarajan: Haiti Is France’s Problem.

I have added this to my running Haiti post for the day (here and constantly updated) but this is so good, I need to give it a post of its own; Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York, speaking powerfully and movingly about Haiti:

Watching this, I recalled what made JFK and RFK so fascinating. They could speak extemporaneously, with both facts and poetry at their fingertips. We don’t see that much, anymore.

Also, if you read nothing else, read one man’s harrowing, shattering experiences on what he calls “Earthquake Day.”

Donate to Catholic Relief Services here

OSV says CRS is getting about $200,000 an hour.

Read Richard Fernandez

And politics goes on

Chuck Simmins More relief info

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  • Kate Feeney

    You are so correct that the wonderful oratory and leadership through words is something the world has not seen so much of lately …….rather, we crown with laurels the sophists on the stage who seek to sell us things…..this man is the real deal. I know because he was my bishop in Wisconsin before he headed for the Big Apple. He is an absolutely marvelous man to listen to…..he heals, teaches and moves mountains with those words. It behhoves many if us American Catholics who still look for the Catholic Church to bend to our postmodern inclinations to give this guy Dolan the open audience he deserves.

  • Cynthia

    The people of Haiti could have no stronger advocate. This St. Louisan is so proud of our beloved Archbishop Dolan.

  • Mike

    And if any part of the Body suffers then the rest suffers also.

    So this is Haiti’s Calvary and ours too.

    But Haiti will Rise and so will we.

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  • http://thesilloftheworld.blogspot.com/ HKatz

    Keep a place in your prayers also for the ‘restaveks’ – Haiti’s child slaves.


    Probably many of these children died in the earthquake, and in Haitian society they were seen as less than nothing; they won’t likely be thought of much or remembered or have many prayers said on their behalf.

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  • Joe

    Rush Limbaugh encouraged listeners not to contribut to Haiti through the White House. You know something, while you can argue that is partisan, that is not crazy. I am going to pick some NGO charity with a proven track record on this type of aid. World Vision is a good one. Catholic Relief Services is a good one. There are others.

    Frankly, the Obama Administration does have a poor track record with money. It is not crazy to suggest sending them more is a bad idea. They have our tax dollars (and I fully support the USA assisting Haiti that way with rapid military assistance to maintain order and emergency medical and food aid). As private citizens we should go around our government to private groups that do more good more efficiently.

    [I did not hear Rush's broadcast, and actually had no idea there was a brouhaha out there until someone sent me something last night. Honestly, why WOULD I contribute through the WH, when there are so many perfectly able charities, working separately from the WH, who are perfectly reputable, perfectly able to put my money to good, effective use, and which represent "who I am" to an extent? Has nothing to do with partisanship; I just like Food for the Poor, Mercy Corps, Catholic Relief Services, etc...and they work well. I don't really think -with all it needs to be doing- the WH should be worrying about handling contributions, too.-admin]

  • Carl Eppig

    I know that CRS must be having a had time keeping up with all their contributions. I wish they could modify their site to give an instant asknowledgement to donors. They are also having a had time getting credit cards input.

    I mention this because there are forums around the internet where if you can post your proof of donations, it will encourage others to donate that might not otherwise do so.

    We donated immediately on Tuesday, and have no acknowledgement of it, or a posting on our credit credit card.

    [I understand CRS is taking in something like $200,000 per hour in donations. If I were you, I would call the credit card and make sure you were charged. If you have no acknowledgment, perhaps the volume of activity created a blip of some sort and you were not fully transacted? -admin]

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  • Don

    Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York saying, “Haiti is the broken bloody body of Christ” made my heart sink into the ground. What does syncretism, Voodoo and occult spiritualism have to do with Christ’s blood that was given for the remission of the sins of the world? Haiti is not of true Biblical faith, and as it says in Hebrews 11:6, “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” Haiti does not believe this; therefore, the statement is a sacrilege!

    [That's what you took from that? -admin]