Anchoress and Benedict on NPR

If any of you happen to be near a radio at about 6:55 ET, turn to NPR and you’ll hear me, gassing away, (along with Fr. James Martin, among others) about the pope’s new blog. Specifically, I give him a bit of joking “advice,” such as: “try to get linked by Instapundit! Gets you more exposure, then you can charge more for blogads!” And, “…if I link to him, he’s got to link back to me!”

Fr. Martin emails that in the transcripts I got the pull-quote!

“He should have some favorite YouTube videos that he can just slap up there when he’s feeling kind of tired. Like the parade scene from Ferris Bueller. Slap that up there and that’s a day’s blogging!”

Heh. You can hear the broadcast here

It’s pretty fluffy and light-hearted, and it’s meant to be. I wouldn’t mind a chance to speak more seriously with NPR’s Religion Correspondent Barbara Bradley Hagerty, about our dear pope. Perhaps another time.

Meanwhile: Shake it up, baby!

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