More on Vocations

Meant to run this a while ago with my Vocation Awareness Week post. Heading out for an appointment, so I figured I’d serve it up today:

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  • Tom

    What expenses are involved for these people? I thought the monasteries were self sustaining with all the soaps and other stuff that you push on your blog.

    [The expenses talked about here are college loans, etc. Many young people who want to enter religious orders are prevented from doing so by their college loans; this foundation helps them out by taking over responsibility for the loans while they are in religion. If all goes well, they end up paying the loans in full. -admin]

  • Patti Day

    This is a very powerful piece. I never stopped to think that a vocation could be derailed by the need to repay a student loan. If it were shown on EWTN, perhaps in a shortened version, many people might be moved to contribute.