Simply Irresistible

Courtesy of Perfunction. We all misspeak and say stupid things, sometimes, but after 8 years of the press and Dems making sure we saw every possible Bushian mistalkeration, I rather enjoyed this one:

Also, Obama spent some time talking to the GOP today. Instapundit has a few links about it. Basically, if the freaking GOP would just understand his greatness, stop being so stupid and just fall in line, then America can be saved, and stuff. That’s tongue in cheek, of course. I do agree, and appreciate, Obama’s admission that nothing can get done because demonization has become the political norm, in America. Now, if he could also pledge to stop demonizing, himself, maybe we could get somewhere?

I mean, I’m trying to understand why Obama will bash lobbyists before the whole nation one night and the next day meet with them. It’s just plain confusing.

William A. Jacobson says Obama should appoint a special counsel as to foreign contributions:

. . .if Obama really is concerned about foreign campaign donations, then Obama should request that Attorney General Eric Holder (or an Acting Attorney General since Holder likely has a conflict) appoint a special counsel with the power to investigate, and if justified, prosecute violations of the laws, and conspiracies to violate the laws, forbidding foreign contributions.

And the place the special counsel can start is with Obama’s 2008 campaign, which disabled security features in its credit card web portal so as to allow donors to evade restrictions on numerous aspects of the federal campaign laws, including the prohibition on foreign contributions:

Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is allowing donors to use largely untraceable prepaid credit cards that could potentially be used to evade limits on how much an individual is legally allowed to give or to mask a contributor’s identity, campaign officials confirmed….
The problem with such cards, campaign finance lawyers said, is that they make it impossible to tell whether foreign nationals, donors who have exceeded the limits, government contractors or others who are barred from giving to a federal campaign are making contributions.

That the Obama campaign received foreign donations as a result of this scheme may be the only thing agreed-upon by both Pamela Geller and Charles Johnson. Indeed, Obama for America has admitted receiving foreign contributions. The fact that the Federal Election Commission is not investigating the allegations necessitates a special counsel.

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