Tebow, CBS & Perpetual Adolescents

Honestly, I don’t know if this is farce or tragedy or a little bit of both, but this Super Bowl Ad featuring Tim Tebow is certainly making a mark, even before it airs.

Bookworm, a classical liberal still living and working (under some cover) in a “progressive” enclave has declared that Tebow is the sort of man she’d like her daughter to date:

I can’t think of a better lesson for young people. And that’s why I want my daughter to date a man like Tebow: someone who has principles every mother can love, and who, in a culture obsessed with sex, is proud of those principles.

Incidentally, despite the fact that 99% of the families in my ultra liberal community would draw back in revulsion at the thought of their child dating an evangelical Christian, I can guarantee you that 100% of them would be dancing on air if they knew that their daughter’s date, because of a deep commitment to and reverence for women and the sanctity of marriage, wasn’t trying to get his hands in their daughter’s pants.

You’ll want to read the whole thing. Bookie has some thoughts about the failures of sex-education programs, which are interesting in light of this report that Obama is cutting funding for those sex ed programs that include teaching abstinence which, um, even the Washington Post admits, seem to be more effective.

Directly after reading Bookworm’s
thoughtful and mature take on Tebow and the whole brouhaha, which defines the tragedy of a society out of alignment with common sense, a reader sent along this bit of pathetic farce.

The post makes a point of the fact that last week Newsweek and other mainstream outlets tried to portray the pro-life movement as “aging”, when it is anything but.

Meanwhile -and here is your language warning, so stop reading if you can’t take a swearword – say hello to the perpetual adolescents who have chosen a nursery rhyme (complete with the word “bullshit”! Look at us! We’re saying “bullshit!”) to make their tired point. Really, it’s so pathetic that it’s sad. These women are clearly reliving a glory day: “We’re speaking truth to power and daring to say ‘bullshit,’ because we’re edgy and daring and so counter-cultural! Oh, 1968, why did you ever, ever leave us? Why can’t we recapture those glorious days!”

Also, do read Msgr. Charles Pope and his thoughts on how Modesty is reverence for mystery -something we used to understand.

Porn is more addictive than Cocaine or Heroin
Re Tebow, Sally Jenkins goes off

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  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    The message of the ad is, of course, one that we should be trumpting.

    But our zeal for the pro-life cause should not blind us to the obvious and lead us to promote other goofy ideas. Let’s get real here — Tim Tebow is a whiny putz.

  • Christine

    When people have no valid reason for despising another person they resort to calling names.

    Why is Mr. Tebow such a whiny putz? Please explain. I would also appreciate quotations in which he has been a whiner.

    Since I am not into sports, you may have a very valid reason for writing your descriptive, but to me it sounds like a bit of a cop-out.

    Thank you.

  • Joseph

    I think Bookworm is wrong about how her neighbors would react if their daughter were dating Tebow. In my experience, many, maybe most, people simply will not believe Tebow is anything other than a freak at best but more likely a hypocrite.

    For example, the majority of the parents I know from my kid’s school live lives that strike me as insane – serial broken homes, ‘blended’ families that don’t quite blend, unmarried couples where kid A is from father B, who’s in jail, kid C has another invisible dad, etc., where the current man of the house if father to none of the children, and so on.

    My wife and I are clearly freaks, right? We got married, stayed married, raised a family, stay faithful – in other words, we do what was the *minimum* expected of married people not so long ago.

    But now? Our kids’ friends’ parents do stuff like open marriages, followed by breakups, and then – here’s the brutal part – treat their own kids sorrow as a problem that they (the kids) need to get over.

    So, throw Tebow into that mix – would they really welcome him as a future son-in-law? Everything he reportedly stands for is a reproach to everything they do. Rather, whatever they think they might want, and however much they might protest or squirm at first, they will promptly accept their daughter’s sleeping around with a series of creeps – what the hell, it’s what THE PARENTS stand for! They will believe that Tebow is a freak of the Jesus variety, or that he’s really fooling around with the cheerleaders like everybody else on the team.

    No, the families would be thrilled if their daughter were dating Tebow – because he’s famous and soon to be rich. The other stuff, well, they’d tolerate it for the reflected fame and fortune.

  • Mike from Florida

    The video contains the lyrics “but won’t give voice to women’s choice”; however, that’s exactly what the Super bowl ad is reported to do. It talks about the choice that Pam Tebow made. The women in the video just disagree with the choice that Pam Tebow made. The controversy shows the Pro-choice movement for what it is.

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    Christine — any football fan who has watch Tebow play on the field lo these past few years, purely from that perspective, knows that he ain’t all that. None of the Florida Gators are.

    What is he like off the field? Haven’t a clue. Don’t care. That’s none of my business.

  • SallyJune

    Wahahaha!! Payback Is Mine!!!

    Those babes of the 60s are now dried up, angry old coots — updating the Three Stooges Theme!!!

    Please, guys, forgive my glee: 40 years of being oppressed by them is now paying off, BIG TIME!!!!

  • Barbara

    How many of those batty women had abortions and feel seriously guilty that they “chose” to abort a meal ticket? Talk about kicking youself in the pants! How many have had breast cancer? Divorced how many times? How many grandchildren? What a repulsive bunch – hurry run to watch reruns of the March for Life on EWTN and see all these lovely young women whose mothers chose life!

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  • Muriel


    Your comment about Tebow on the field not being ‘all that’ is an expression of your estimation of his talent – certainly a valid comment to make, regardless of whether anybody agrees with you. Haven’t you the grace to acknowledge that your ad hominem ‘whiney putz’ comment was uncalled for? Instead you offer clipped, none-of-my-business comments about his off-the-field persona (which you apparently thought it was your business to mention in your first post.) Ironically, you come off sounding, well, a bit whiney and putzish!

    [Sports fans often say stuff like that. For years, I said A-Rod was a whiny putz, too. Then he had some serious difficulties in the last year, and it changed him; redemption from suffering. No more whiny putz. Now, if I call him that, "I" am the putz. :-) But Sports fans...well, we're not always at our best! - admin]

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    Haven’t you the grace to acknowledge that your ad hominem ‘whiney putz’ comment was uncalled for?

    Apparently not.

  • http://whyimnotademocrat.blogspot.com/ Blue Collar Todd

    There is a powerful video that connects the acceptance of slavery, the Holocaust, and abortion that I have posted here.
    Once the value of human life is determined by a purely arbitrary
    decision by someone else, untold evil will follow. In each case:
    slavery, the Holocaust, and abortion, the humanity of the powerless hasbeen denied by those wanting control and power over others. Today’s pro-abortion Democrats are the philosophical descendants of those who argued for the ownership of slaves and the murder of Jews.

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    But, since we are talking about grace, Muriel, I wasn’t the one who got personal about people here, or who resorted to such tired, graceless, and disingenuous tactics like asking “have you stopped beating your wife” type of questions to make a point.

  • Dagwood

    As an old cranky sports fan, I suspect that Bender may share my exhaustion from being overly inundated with the attempts by the sports media the past several fb seasons to canonize Mr. Tebow, much as the national and world political media have done our president.

    There are almost certainly lesser known athletes who maintain a much closer, albeit quieter, walk with our Lord and Savior. Given Tebow’s current prominence in college athletics, though, and especially given the personal story that his mother has chosen to share, it’s hard to come up with a better way to make an impression in favor of valuing the lives of the unborn.

    Sally Jenkins nailed it in her column. Bravo.

  • TeaPot562

    Should NOW change their given slogan from “Pro Choice” to “Pro Abortion”? That would be a more honest representation of their views.

  • dry valleys

    Another sportsman reveals something that may not endear him to others (but no one has raised any objections, it seems).

    I had some more to say about the issues surrounding this but I’ve slept since then so I’ve sort of forgotten. Also, I haven’t really got the stamina for these big song & dance arguments.

  • Gary Keith Chesterton

    Bender is right. The main thing wrong with Tebow is that he’s a Gator.

    Go Vols!

  • Myssi

    Tim Tebow has had “whiny” moments as a Florida Gator; however, more recently, he’s outgrown his whininess while continuing to show genuine emotion, such as crying when they lost to Alabama in the SEC championship game. I have also had my moments of “whiny putziness” and I think we all do. Come on, Bender, cut a kid 19 years my junior a break for having them in the public eye because he plays SEC football.
    I will live and die a Georgia Bulldog fan, but I have to give Tebow props for his good behavior off the football field and his commitment to Our Savior and Lord.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Barbara, I suspect one reason the Grannies are so rage-filled is that they do feel guilt over abortions—or they have no grandchildren to go home to, or no families (just lots of cats), or that they’re finding the whole Marxist/feminist philosophy is really empty.

    Misery, as they say, loves company. They want to spread the rage around.

    (Gaaaah! What an evil bunch of she-creatures!)

  • CV

    Anyone who has participated in the March for Life in DC can tell you that it is an overwhelmingly young crowd. The first time I went I was stunned at how many high school and college students participate, and heartened by the presence of pro-life student groups from large secular and even Ivy League institutions like Princeton, etc. Like many parishes, mine sponsors a bus every year and it is filled with youth group members.

    It’s interesting that Newsweek seems to think that this is an “aging” movement…of course they would rather be caught dead than actually attend/cover this event, which attracts hundreds of thousands of peaceful, positive marchers every year.

    This year my hometown paper (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) printed a picture of one of the exceedingly rare, very defiant-looking “pro-choice” protesters standing in a circle of marchers who were kneeling in prayer. Beyond the fact that it looked staged (and the kneeling pro-lifers looked like wingnuts in the photo) it was coupled with two stories: one about the March itself and the other about the Tiller trial.

    This is typical journalism/photojournalism when it comes to the March (if it is covered at all) so it’s not surprising that Newsweek has no idea who actually participates and how young they are.

  • http://runswithangels.wordpress.com/ Jan

    CV – the movement that is ‘aging’, thank God, is the one promoted by Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, et al. The damage these two and their cronies have done to women is going to take years to undo, if it can be undone at all.

    It’s ironic that, as well as consigning women forever to the workforce, the most prominent fruit of their labors is that young women are free to engage in sexual relationships with men who have no compunction or compulsion to share in the consequences.

  • http://tonylayne.blogspot.com/ Tony Layne

    @CV: If you look at the time the Newsweek story was filed, it was the morning of. It’s pretty typical of the MSM: When the stuff is unplanned and happening right now, the reporters and producers don’t have time to “spin” the story … they have to report the story as it is. But events like the March for Life have advance notice, so they have time to prepackage their reporting, which allows them time to slant it in a way that fits their preconceptions.

  • Joseph

    On the topic of aging 60′s warriors:


    About nails it.

  • Andrew B

    Our civil arrangement means we have to allow these bitter, twisted crones of the pro-abortion their side of the discussion. I will be damned, however, if I ever grant one of these grotesque harridans that she is my moral better.

    Abortion is their sacrament. Fine, they follow in an old tradition, one that goes back at least to Ba’al. I will allow them their primitive death cult, as we currently have no choice, but we must never forget to call it what it is.

  • Peter

    You know, with a little bit more practice, they could develop a decent ensemble sound. There were flashes of harmony and some nice modulations of volume and tempo.

    They also need a little more practice with the choreography where they pulled back to reveal that clever mockup of the CBS logo to which they all gestured in unison.

    I am not happy with the kind of vitriol some of you are expressing against them in regards to their age. It’s o.k., I think, to make fun of them. They’ve opened themselves up to that. But you don’t have to demean them. Most of them probably are, in fact, mothers and grandmothers (aka “grannies”). Some of them may have misplaced their anger because of past abortions. I don’t know. But, in any case, do you have to respond with rage to their rage?

  • http://diaryofagolddigger.blogspot.com/ The gold digger

    My husband’s (now dead from an overdose) sister was a mentally ill heroin addict who had two abortions. My husband’s mother took her to get those abortions. He says his mother does not regret those abortions at all, although I wonder, because his mother will never have any grandchildren, as my husband and I are too old to have children.

    Would my MIL have been happier to have her daughter with a Christian man who would not have taken advantage of her daughter’s mental illness and addiction?


    Would my socialist vocal atheist outlaws admit this?

    Probably not.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Sadly, Peter, rage tends to elicit more rage; and these women have a lot, therefore it tends to elicit the same in others. They are trying to push their own twisted worldview on the rest of us, with all the grace and delicacy of a sledgehammer; that does tend to get some people angry, justifiably so. (For me, it has nothing to do with their age. I would dislike younger women—or men—doing the very same thing.)

    For decades, we’ve been lectured by the self-righteous, embittered left, which has managed to hijack much of our culture; enough is enough! Honestly, I think more people should have gotten a lot angrier a long time ago!

    (And they could never make a decent singing group, even if they warbled like the immortal Jenny Lindh! Those tight-lipped, venemous faces would drive any sane audience away!)

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    I think “perpetual adolescents” is an excellent description of them. And, as Andrew B. states, the “sacrament” they’re pushing is a very old, and bloody one.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Actually, Peter, considering how Leftists like these Raging Grannies have monopolized so much of our culture, for decades—I wish more people had gotten a lot angrier at them, and those who push the same message, a long time ago! Got nothing, really, to do with their age.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    By the way—their video put me in mind of the scary scene in the movie, “Cabaret”, where all the Hitler Youth sing, “Tomorrow Belongs to me!” Something about the faces is just creepily similar. . .

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    thanks for the link, Joseph.

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like the Tebow ad was a case of false advertising. What was actually shown was NOT what was described before.

    Both were promotions for Tim Tebow, to be sure, but neither had anything to do with choosing not to abort him.

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