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I will be out for most of the day, running errands, and won’t be back to writing until the afternoon, but a few links to keep you amused:

Picking up on yesterday’s piece on the Sisters of Mary
visiting Oprah, and the cheapening and distortion of our sexual understanding, a couple things. First, the sisters unveiled their new web site design, today, in honor of their 13th anniversary, so check be sure to check it out, and also, read what Fr. Z has to say about the sexualizing of children (seems we need to let our 10 year olds know they are sexual beings, stat!) and what Mary Eberstadt writes on Christianity Lite.

Remember when Bush said, “if you’re not with us, you’re with the terrorists” to our allies? Remember how that was a bad thing, a stupid thing, a “nazi” thing, for him to say? Remember how offended the press was? Remember how offended the Democrats were on our allies behalf? Remember how dissent used to be called “the highest form of patriotism”? Well…the Obama White House says if you’re part of the loyal opposition, and you don’t like his policies, you’re helping AlQaeda!. Almost sounds like something Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity might have said about the Dems, at one time, but it is extremely jarring to hear that charged lobbed by the administration. I can’t wait to hear the press and the Democrats scream about Bush Obama saying such an awful thing to his own countrymen! Or, will they just say, “Bush did it, too,” -the weird magic words that -in their minds- justifies almost anything, even though when “Bush did it,” they thought it was a stinking thing to do.

Ed Morrissey has the best commentary on this.

Also, it seems Janet Napolitano wasn’t kidding when she listed pro-life groups as possible threats to national security. Maybe if Obama had not filled his cabinet and advisers with Chicago thugs, Ideologues and Captains of Mediocrity, he wouldn’t be struggling so much, now.

Or, perhaps he’s a bit of a mediocrity himself, which is why he can’t govern, without his instincts running to the world “rule.”

Is Obama’s “health care summit” just meant for show?. I vote a big yes. The guy spent the past year saying, “I won. Shut up. The GOP has no plan; they just want the status quo. I don’t want to hear a lot of talk. Do it my way. Bush sucks.” Now, he wants to confer with the GOP after he has a final bill prepared. It’s Roy Scheider in All That Jazz again, lighting a cigarette, looking into the mirror and announcing, “Showtime!”

Clearly, the GOP has figured this out, and they’re responding with a very highly raised eyebrow and some justified skepticism. Allahpundit has highlighted the pertinent parts.

Baseball Crank has a few ideas on how to deal with this too. America has made it clear, they want Obama to start over; Obama is being clear he does not intend to. So, yes, it’s a farce and theater.

But I thought Obama was going to do a “hard pivot”
away from healthcare, and start focusing on jobs? When does he do that? When does he start thinking about job creation in the private (not public) sector? He keeps saying he cares about jobs, but again – it’s just words – his actions are still betraying his obsession with pushing through a health care policy his nation is telling him it does not want, while ignoring their desires for jobs. Then again, we’re so not smart enough, to his thinking. The same nation that was “brilliant” when it elected Obama in ’08 is now irredeemably stupid.

Seems special interests are doing well in this era that was supposed to be “famine-time” for them.

I made this point last week: Obama admits Bush was right.

Meanwhile, some NPR readers are having an “I Am Spartacus” moment, about a billboard in Minnesota. The article is a tad clueless (and also a tad troubling; why do they care who bought that sign?) Some of the comments are pretty funny.

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