One of those bad daze…

you know, when you wake up with a sore throat and coughing and such…bleah. Spring can’t come soon enough.

The Dog Ate My Global Warming Data


Insty has more links and still mores links on the breakdown.

WaPo finally notices. NY Times still does not (the true believers, were they in the bunker, at the end, with Hitler?)

Ah, more crumbling…and more.

Ed Morrissey: Was there any actual global warming to begin with?

I want me freaking incandescent bulbs back, and I want them now. And I want the space program refunded with all this global warming hoo-hah money.

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  • Manny L.

    LOL! I love those Hitler spoof videos, and that was one of the funniest yet!!

  • Bill

    Most climate scientists agree there is climate change. Check out studies on melting in Greenland, ice shelves that are thousands of years old breaking off in Anarctica, etc.

    [No one disputes that there is "climate change." The question has always been, is it cyclical (studies suggest yes) or man made? I've never bought the AGW stuff. -admin]

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  • dry valleys

    Pope Benedit XVI denounces… oh, something or other

    Also, I’ve observed that John Houghton-gate has barely been noticed- as here- but it seems as though once “sceptics” have found something they like repeating they will repeat it, regardless of what may or may not be going on in the reality-based community.

    [It is a GOOD thing to encourage others do things that are careful and protective of the environment, and that is what this pope endorses. I doubt anyone would give you an argument otherwise. What is NOT a good thing is to subjugate people to dubious science, or to COMPEL them to do things. I'm quite sure that this pope, who lived under the jackboot of a totalitarian regime, is in no way advocating the enormous political and social changes that the true-believer (or hard-enviros) would like to inflict upon the rest of us. And I think it is enormously interesting (and entertaining) that the same people who would call the pope all sorts of names because of his stands on abortion, contraception, gay marriage and the rest, will suddenly exploit his very reasonable words about stewardship and environmental concerns for the purpose of further propagating what amounts to (for many) a new religion. It's all pretty funny, to me. -admin]

  • Mutnodjmet

    Dear Anchoress: The lies and lost data related to the “Climate Change” science puts all their extravagant claims into question. As an experienced environmental professional, I am one of the over 30,000 scientists who have signed the “Petition Project” rejecting the assertion that man-made global warming was beyond debate.

    Here is one of the many examples to counter the items Bill cited above:

    Report: Antarctic Ice Growing, Not Shrinking

    I have a full post that highlights events in the geologic past that underscore what has to occur before the global climate is changed in any significant magnitude. Trust me, none involve SUVs or incandescent light bulbs (I kept all of mine).

    Extinction Level Events

    I actually wanted to stop by and say I am praying for your improved health and to thank you for the Hitler Climate Change video. It is hilarious, and I am sharing it with all the like-minded science types I know.

  • Brian J.

    Curses! Here I have been stockpiling incandescent bulbs for the black market that would have erupted and might yet erupt in 2012.

    Now I’ll have to rely on Social Security for my retirement.

  • Bill

    I hope you are right, but it does not appear so. There is good government data, even developed under Republicans. The whole issue is much too political, and should not be decided by radio talk show hosts.

  • Mutnodjmet

    Bill: I see that you are a “Global Warming” true believer, and I don’t debate people on matters of their faith. However, for the many readers of the Anchoress who relish reviewing a little more scientific discourse, then I offer this second piece that refutes your other assertion in your first piece that the Greenland Ice Sheets are “melting”:

    Greenland’s Ice Sheet is Growing

    I agree with you that the issue should not be decided by “radio talk show hosts”. Nor should it be decided by consortiums, special interest groups, politicians, or others who manipulate data, falsify records, and target businesses and private citizens for not falling in line, either.

  • dry valleys

    Yes, but didn’t he specifically say that he wanted an outcome to be reached at Copenhagen & was upset that it wasn’t?

    Whenever we talk about “stewardship” there IS a conflict. A “developer” could well make more money out of building on the village green, & the villagers might not want it, & in most cases I’d be on the villagers’ side.

    You might actually like reading The Ecologist” every now & then. What they often talk about is how environmental degradation hits the world’s poor.

    Anyway, I did like Americans stock up for the end of the world

    A pal of mine has a license to fish & is often found eating his catches with the produce of his garden, which he says saves on his food bills.

    [Indeed but there is a deliberate vagueness there. The pope has little choice but to say that he wants productive outcomes of international meetings, or that he wants to see us be good stewards with the planet. He goes no further, though. He's no fool. admin]

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    It isn’t just talk show hosts discussing this anymore. Even Phil Jones, of the University of East Anglia, has confessed that the data was not well organized, and that Roman, and Medieval times, which were not industrial societies, were much warmer eras than ours. It’s beginning to look as if mankind really has little to do with the climate.

    And, of course, there’s the on-going cosmic joke of an unusually cold, snowy winter hitting, just when we’re supposed to be warming up.

    As for the world’s poor, I suspect what they actually need is a free market, and freedom from their often corrupt governments. And thanks for recommending the “economist”, but, really, there’s already a lot of green reading on this side of the Atlantic, much of it silly.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    The Rasmussen poll now states that only 35% still believe in Glorbal Warming.

    It’s not just talk show hosts. It never really was.

  • Judith Johnson

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