I think I am in love with Oatmeal

Not the kind you eat (although I am unusually fond of the porridge, particularly with a bit brown sugar) but the website.

Pianogirl sent me this link of the Oatmeal’s 15 things you need to know about coffee, and I read it while drinking a cup of Liquid Crack, and thought it was pretty charming, and informative, as well.

Next, I am going to learn how to tell if your cat wants to kill you and 8 ways to tell if my family is planning to eat me.

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  • jean

    I just watched this great commercial.
    I think that you will like it.
    The Homily that follows is also excellent.
    {Sorry, i have yet to learn how to link!}
    Please view the commercial and homily at:

  • B. Durbin

    I particularly like the grammar posts. The apostrophe one ranks right up there with the Bob the Angry Flower rant about same.

  • Ellen

    I just read the one about calling customer service. I laughed so hard I think I ruptured something.

  • Cathy

    FYI, there is an 83% chance that my cat is plotting to kill me and my stomach could support a tapeworm couple.

    Thought you would like to know!

  • http://musing-minds.com kimsch

    Hope you feel better soon! I have a link to The Oatmeal in my blogroll. It’s so funny!

  • Joe

    When I think oatmeal, I think Anchoress. Baked Christmas is still a big hit in my house. The kids love it. We make it every month or so. Thanks for that oatmeal tip!

  • Andy Waits

    What is Oatmeal’s website?