Wasting Time Well

From Insty, of course. I love this. Stuck in an airport and making the best of it with some good old-fashioned “horsing around.” Something we don’t do enough of.

We don’t even say “horsing around” enough.

The comments at boingboing are as much fun as the video, and this one rang especially true and poignant for me; it is almost Chestertonian, in a way:

[This girl is] Apparently one of the few people who remembers that the fundamental purpose of the universe is to allow you to have fun.

Well, then, bless this flygirl -says I- for reminding us of it, and I hope there is something wonderful in her future!

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  • http://www.rosaryworkout.com Peggy Bowes

    That was fun! Thanks!!

  • dave r

    That was stupid.

  • Tom K

    I’ll always remember a quote from R.D Laing’s set of poems “Knots”:

    “How dare you have fun when Christ died on the Cross

    for you! Was He having fun? ”

    We take way too many things way too seriously.

  • Dale

    Lenten Fast: no you tube!

  • Peter

    I am supposed to be fasting from T.V. for Lent, but through the process of random rationalization, I decided that this amateur video would be o.k. It may be staged, but even so, it’s still a hoot.