Life, Death, Sacrifice and More

A coupla priests sittin’ around talkin.’ Runs the gamut from thought-provoking to challenging, to amusing, to the source of power.

Ten solid minutes. I can’t make Corapi’s accent out, though, can you?


More yakking: This time it’s Archbishop Timothy Dolan, chatting with the press on the 1 year anniversary of his appointment to New York.

Meanwhile, it seems Fr. Dwight and I are similarly inclined in many ways. That’s a nice piece of his, you’ll want to read it.

Is God’s Love Really Unconditional?

Have you ever played that “what is in your handbag” game? I have. My friends found me boring; all it contained was lip balm, a notebook, three pens, a credit card, a comb and a rosary. I travel light. There is another way to think about it.

The Sacred Made Real

A NY woman makes a good confession; does the right thing. She may go to jail for a little while, but I think she’ll end up blessed by this.

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