The Human Experience

This is one I have got to see.

Courtesy of Deacon Greg, who has seen the documentary and writes:

” . . .not without flaws, but it’s a beautifully realized celebration of life, and living, and learning. You will be uplifted and deeply moved. Look for it at a theater near you in April.”

Okay! I will definitely look for it in April, along with this documentary, also, which I wish I could embed.

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  • Manny L.

    Enticing. I don’t to movies often, but I may go to this one. :)

  • C. Lynch

    I saw it at a private screening, and it is an uplifting experience.

  • Marcus

    My wife & I saw this one in a screening March 2009 (just cleaned my wallet out & found my stub). Well done movie, very much worth watching.

  • Peter

    In response to the “Babies” documentary: “Awwww . . .”

    They both look worthwhile.

  • Theresa

    For sure go…done by Grassroots Films here in NY, these guys did a wonderful job of just that, capturing “The Human Experience”.

    It was wonderful!