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From my pocket notebook:

What an exemplary man St. Joseph must have been! Wanting a wife and son, God entrusted him with His very own wife, His very own son, and for that matter, His very own mother, and His very own life.

Perhaps Joseph’s silence in scripture is what makes some feel so distant from him; I wish I knew him better, in as much as I am conceited enough to think I can know anyone.

In a stained glass window, I see Mary, asleep in the background. Joseph is in foreground, gazing upon the infant Jesus, who is in his arms. Is he thinking, “My wife, my son -not mine, God’s!” But how true this is for all of us: the beloved spouses and children we would die for – they are not ours; they are God’s. One of those beautiful and terrible truths.

St. Joseph, by your holy example, help me to always see my husband and kids as gifts placed in my keeping, and to serve them well.

Joseph looks at Jesus. Mary sleeps. Angels and shepherds and kings are gone. “My son. My singular event, like none other.”

As is each life.

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And from the comments section of a different post: St. Joseph’s Day Recipes. I am only just getting around, today, to making my Irish Soda Bread!

Those Catholic kids!.

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