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From my pocket notebook:

What an exemplary man St. Joseph must have been! Wanting a wife and son, God entrusted him with His very own wife, His very own son, and for that matter, His very own mother, and His very own life.

Perhaps Joseph’s silence in scripture is what makes some feel so distant from him; I wish I knew him better, in as much as I am conceited enough to think I can know anyone.

In a stained glass window, I see Mary, asleep in the background. Joseph is in foreground, gazing upon the infant Jesus, who is in his arms. Is he thinking, “My wife, my son -not mine, God’s!” But how true this is for all of us: the beloved spouses and children we would die for – they are not ours; they are God’s. One of those beautiful and terrible truths.

St. Joseph, by your holy example, help me to always see my husband and kids as gifts placed in my keeping, and to serve them well.

Joseph looks at Jesus. Mary sleeps. Angels and shepherds and kings are gone. “My son. My singular event, like none other.”

As is each life.

More on St. Joseph, here.

St. Joseph and Manhood

And from the comments section of a different post: St. Joseph’s Day Recipes. I am only just getting around, today, to making my Irish Soda Bread!

Those Catholic kids!.

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  • Cherie

    When I was a kid a went to so many St. Joseph Altars in New Orleans and got so many blessed fava beans I truely thought St. Joseph was Italian.

  • Joe

    The best saint feast of them all. Get a St Joseph pastry to celebrate.

    The link for the recipies.

    I strongly recommend the late Vincent Schiavelli’s Bruculinu, America : Remembrances of Sicilian-American Brooklyn, Told in Stories and Recipes. A very moving book and the recipes all work and are really good.

  • Joe
  • http://www.savkobabe.blogspot.com Gayle Miller

    Today would be my late father’s 97th birthday. His middle name was Joseph. So that particular saint has always had special resonance for me. God bless and thanks for the links to the recipes. I’m in a cooking mood with the weekend looming!

  • AvantiBev

    Let’s not forget that thanks to the Sexual Revolution, this had become for the most part a fatherless nation (see occupant of Oval Office) many children never know their father or see him only as a visitor. It may even warp their perspective of God the Father.

    Much of what drives one government social program after another is due to our current acceptance of fatherlessness, i.e, our tolerating shack-ups, hook-ups, and divorce. If our American men were there post-conception, through committed marriages sacrificing for their families daily as St. Joseph did, most of these so-called safety nets would not be needed. Every time I hear a PSA about volunteers needed for “mentoring programs”, I feel sad for my society.

    Much of my love for this saint in bound up in love for my father and my Italian heritage. My babbo was a man of onore e corragio who poured out himself everyday at the steel mill or helping us with our homework, teaching us to ride our bikes, and later, drive the car, fixing things around the house in his own weird jerry-rigging way.

    When comforting me after his death in 2007, a favorite ItaloAmerican priest told me that the only way it would not hurt as much is if I had not loved him and been loved by him AS MUCH. He told me to think of those he counseled who said to him that they never knew their fathers or felt only anger towards them.

    Brava San Giuseppe!

  • Andrew B

    I have always had a special place in my heart for St. Joseph. Perhaps it was because I was quiet and shy as a child, and therefore easily overlooked. It might also have been because God was preparing me, from an early age, for my later path in life.

    I married at the age of 40, inheriting two teenage stepchildren. They are absolutely wonderful people, but it was still a huge adjustment for this old, grouchy bachelor to make. I have looked to St. Joseph many times, asking for his wisdom to help me understand how to put myself aside to raise another’s child.

  • Manny L.

    St Joseph has been on my mind quite a bit lately. My wife and I are in the process of adopting (and goodness what a torturous process this is), hopefully in the homestretch, and I have been having feelings of connection to what he must have been going through. Though I admit there are some obvious differences in the situations, bringing a child into one’s home that was not your genetic own requires an open, loving heart.

    Ah those St. Joseph’s pasteries! Thank you Joe for the remindere. I will have to go out and get some!!

  • newguy40

    Well this is a biggee for me too.

    My parish is St Joseph. We have Mass at 5PM tonight and I am soooo looking forward.

    I am a husband and father and have been praying the Novena to St Joseph for past 8 day.

    Protector of the Holy Family Pray for us.
    Pillar of family life Pray for us
    Protector of the Church Pray for us

  • Joe
  • http://www.zazzle.com/shanasfo shana

    Our family also attends a parish that is named for St Joseph, and my home parish as a teen was also St Joseph’s. And I’m part Italian, but because I was the only practicing Catholic in the family, there was never any kind of special goings-on for this special Feast.

    BUT we changed that. I married a man whose Scottish grandmother had a deep devotion to St Joseph. We decided to celebrate his feast. One of my daughters learned to make the most scrumptious Zeppole or Bigne de San Guiseppe, and I’ll be making a nice dinner of salmon steaks and pasta with mussels, clams and scallops in garlic and butter sauce, and an antipasta with all the yummies in it except the meats. I’ll be pulling out the nice dishes tonight (always a risk with kids, but what fun!) and decorating the table.

    And how can we, a pretty large family, afford this extravagant feast? St Patrick took care of it! I entered a St Patrick’s day raffle at my bank on Thurs and won $100 in gold dollar coins! :0)

  • http://bcscentral.info Gerry

    Hey Anchoress!

    Did you know that St. Joseph favors taxpayer-funded abortion?

    The Botoxed One says so.

  • JM

    Dear Saint Joseph, patron saint of baby aspirin.
    How many heart attacks have you prevented?
    How many aches and pains have you averted?
    How much inflammation have you calmed?

    The older (and achier) I get, the more I appreciate St. Joseph’s baby aspirin.

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