Dyslexic POTUS Confused his Symbols?

The president -in his endless campaign to pass his “health care” legislation, kept repeating “my plan will lower your premiums by up to $2500!”

And yet, tonight Doug Ross says That was quick: reports filtering in of health care premiums for families rising $2,400 annually in reaction to today’s signing of Demcare bill:

So I just got a call from my health insurance provider. My family rates are going up $200/month … $2400/year per employee effective April 1st. Didn’t take long after signing to get this s**t going.

So much for the “my plan will save Americans” $2500/year in Healthcare premiums.

I know what happened! Obama is dyslexic and he got his < and > confused!

Happened to me a lot when I was a kid, too.

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