Dyslexic POTUS Confused his Symbols?

The president -in his endless campaign to pass his “health care” legislation, kept repeating “my plan will lower your premiums by up to $2500!”

And yet, tonight Doug Ross says That was quick: reports filtering in of health care premiums for families rising $2,400 annually in reaction to today’s signing of Demcare bill:

So I just got a call from my health insurance provider. My family rates are going up $200/month … $2400/year per employee effective April 1st. Didn’t take long after signing to get this s**t going.

So much for the “my plan will save Americans” $2500/year in Healthcare premiums.

I know what happened! Obama is dyslexic and he got his < and > confused!

Happened to me a lot when I was a kid, too.

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  • Joe

    If you think of the < as an alligator, it tries to eat the number when it is greater and turns away when it is less.

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  • Jeff

    Almost everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. Last night I listened to him claiming that the “American people” came together to change the country. He either lives in the inside the beltway bubble – - where the people are the hard left libs in the Democrat party – - or he is a fan of the big lie.

    I’ve decided to get off my dead rear end and start fasting once a week with the intention of having God spare us another term of this freak show.

  • Bill

    No one said the new bill will solve all of the problems. It takes quite an imagination to believe the increase was a result of the new bill.

  • JuliB

    Here’s something that no one is talking about….

    The bill puts a limit on Flex Spending Accounts at $2500. Last year, I had 4K in Flex Spending – this year I dropped it down to 3K due to a planned shifting around of medical expenses and winning an insurance appeal. I HAD planned… on upping it for next year. But this change kicks in at the end of the year.

    And no, I’m not one of those people who ends up in December buying cases of aspirin to empty out my account – I just have a lot to pay out of pocket (of which I haven’t complained since it’s been my choice).

    Taxes UP!!!

  • JuliB

    @Bill – and of course, with the Credit Card reform – it took quite an imagination to link the legislation to the extreme across the board increases in interest rates, and the lowering of credit limits.

    /slight sarcasm

    [We'll see health care premiums take giant steps upwards come January (after the elections, of course). But some will still not be able to find any fault with Obamacare, and it will still be merely "greed" in the face of Obama's goodness. -admin]

  • Bill

    Credit card interest increases were done because banks were given about 10 months warning to raise rates.

    Health insurance premiums have been going up dramatically and steadily for years.

  • Rand Careaga

    Post hoc ergo propter hoc.

    And the days have started getting longer. This happened just around the time that the healthcare legislation passed. Coincidence?

    My healthcare premiums (and deductibles) have been climbing significantly since well before Obama’s election. I’m inclined to track their progress going forward as the sundry provisions of the bill kick in before arriving at, much less announcing, any conclusions.

    @JuliB: As to the the credit card industry, these folks mastered the dark arts of rapacity long ago, and scarcely require legislative action to spur their greed.

    @Joe: Excellent mnemonic. I have a young relative who asks just such questions, and I’ll hold this answer in reserve against the inquiry.

  • Sue from Buffalo

    Bill and Rand: I hope that you aren’t in favor of this travesty of a bill. There are just too many reasons to be against it.

    I’m in favor of health care reform. But this…is…not…it.

    God help us.

  • waltj

    Of course, the phrase “up to $2,500″ also includes the amount “zero”. Just more weasel words from the Weasel-in-Chief. And even “zero” appears to be overly optimistic.

  • Stuart

    I’ve been told that if I drop to part-time, as previously planned to finish my degree, I will lose my job. I work for a government facility and they are going to phase out all part-time jobs due to required insurance.

    I’m sorry so many people live in “pretend land” and think they won’t be affected.

  • Charlie Collier

    If this is the sort of criticism Obama’s major legislative victory is going to face, the Democrats are just going to go from strength to strength. There’s nothing in this post but sour grapes and angry flailing. Rand nails it.

  • Jeff

    We’ll see about that. His “major legislative victory” only came about through bribery and the cowardice of one sorry representative, Stupak. Without that, it would have gone down in flames. He owes his “great” stature now to one chump.

  • Bill

    The Republicans controlled both Congress and the Presidency from 2001 to 2007. They could have passed meaningful health legislation.

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  • Carolina

    So… you really believe that an insurance provider is going to TELEPHONE all the policyholders to announce a rate increase — which, by law, must be provided in writing.


  • Doc

    Bill, how do you define meaningful health reform legislation? Unless it was along the same lines as this current take-over of the health industry, nothing could’ve gotten out of the Senate. But I suspect you knew that already. Tort reform would be meaningful, but the trial lawyers own the Democrats so it would’ve been blocked. Republicans never had anywhere near 60 votes.

  • alanstorm

    Bill, the D’s controlled Congress from 2007 to the present. They could have passed intelligent, well-thought-out, meaningful health care reforms. They failed.

    What’s your point?

    Oh, and re: your increases – Ever since the advent of Medicare and Medicaid, the gov’t’s share of medical costs has been increasing. Ever since then, health care costs have been rising faster than inflation. Do you seriously think that’s coincidental? This is SOP: government causes a problem, then causes even bigger problems justified by the need to “fix” the previous one.

    Your naiveté would be cute if you would promise to refrain from voting. Ever.

  • P. Buchta

    I am optimistic. Things can be modified as we go along, like Social Security, VA benefits, Medicare, and the like. We are not stuck with what we have. We’ll have to wait and see how much it really affects all of us, especially those of us that are poor and sick.

    [A good question -admin]

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    We’ll have to wait and see how much it really affects all of us . . .

    If we “wait and see” then we are approving of it and ensuring that it lasts forever.

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    How and when will we know whether health care reform worked?

    Right now.

    It is an injustice right now.
    It is a travesty of tyranny right now.
    It is oppressive of individual liberty right now.

    [It is also, in a way, taxation without representation -admin]

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    And, also, nobody really seems to know what’s actually in the bloody thing—which doesn’t even take effect until about four years from now. But, hey, let’s just run it up the ol’ flagpole, and see if anybody tweets it! “Ladies and gentlemen, what’s behind door Number 3?” Let’s just wait and see how it affects all of us, and then we can—do what, exactly? Oh well, it’s all the Republicans’ fault, anyway.

    And so on.

  • Manny L.

    Bill Clinton was called slick Willie and Hillary was labeled the congenital liar. This guy beats them out. He is a liar to the core.

  • Jeanie

    I agree with Bender. Right now.

    Can anyone name an instance of the federal government getting its fingers into an industry, an instance followed by a drop in cost? If federal money goes in, cost goes up.

  • Jeanie

    “We’ll have to wait and see how much it really affects all of us, especially those of us that are poor and sick.”

    This kind of thinking makes me sick. What can you possibly mean? Wait and see? Wait and see if YOU get something out of it? Wait and see if someone you know benefits from it?

    Here’s an idea: Why not look at it to see if it is Constitutional?

  • Catherine L

    Don’t you know that the $2500 is the same as the “jobs saved or created”. That poor family’s premiums would have gone up by $4900 if Obama hadn’t come in and saved the day. I’m so glad he’s in office to save us poor folk from the greedy insurance companies. Why, I can’t worry my pretty little head about such things.

  • Joseph Marshall

    If we “wait and see” then we are approving of it and ensuring that it lasts forever.

    We will all be waiting and seeing. The democratic process of elected representatives having voted on the matter has already happened. Sooner or later the inane efforts of the Republican party to short circuit the democratic process will cease.

    This is why, of course, that some opponents of the legislation have now shifted to death threats and acts of petty terrorism against politicians on the other side. And why some of the small fry doing that are going to end up with a very long stay in Club Fed.

    I hope this happens as quickly as possible before somebody is either bombed to death or shot to death merely for disagreeing with the Conservative point of view.

    Of course, as Jeanie has pointed out about
    P. Buchta, I do have a vested interest in the matter. I am, after all, a Liberal and I would find it very inconvenient to be bombed or shot to death.

    I’m glad to see that The Anchoress generally has much better things to write about this Lenten season, than this foolishness.

    But I am amazed that the same people who were so positive a while back about exporting democracy to Iraq have so little tolerance for the fact that, in a democracy, sometimes your political point of view loses.

    I personally am very happy with the passage of the bill. But I did promise, a long way down the blogroll, that I would congratulate the Anchoress if her point of view prevailed. It is a shame you can’t have everything. But at least I can, and do, congratulate the Anchoress on the prolific and superb religious writing she has been doing all of Lent.

  • SKAY

    There still is a 2.3% tax on livesaving medical implantable devices such as pacemakers in the bill.

    600 billion will be taken out of medicare to give to a new entitlement group.
    Medical care will be rationed.

    Doctors are already refusing to take new medicare patients.

    There is going to be abortion on demand payed for by taxpayers.

    The government regulations on the evil insurance companies will start in January –after the elections-by design. That is when the rates wil go up.
    Taxes will also go up.
    We still do not know all the backdoor deals that are in the bill.

    Those in the government who wrote and passed this thing like their plan better–so they made sure that they do not have to participate. No wonder they are smiling and cannot understand why we are angry at their arrogance. it is fun to spend other peoples money.

  • Jeanie

    Joseph, this is a republic. The Constitution matters.

    can you provide links to those death threats? I haven’t seen them yet.

  • Doc


    I recommend you slide over the First Things blogs bench to check out Gateway Pundit. He has documented the shot fired through Congressman Cantor’s office window and the threatening messages left on the Republican from Ohio. Of course she and Cantor were attacked by liberals (like Joseph) so I guess he wouldn’t conside them worthy of mention.

    Gateway Pundit has also nailed the corporate media and the Democrat stooges inventing assaults and slurs in a coordinated attempt to knock the Tea Party movement back on its heels. Of course Michelle Malkin has documented this violent habit on those on the Left for years. Check out her posts about the SEIU, the Purple People Beaters.