Badly Needed Palate Cleanser

From the Onion, (Via)

Stouffers To Include Suicide Prevention Tips On Single Serve Microwavable Meals

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the banner scrawl.

Also, an Onion classic:
Manny Ramirez likes the Red Sox New Blue Uniforms

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  • http://!!!! kelleybee

    ROFL…………..thanks. I needed that!!

  • Gayle Miller

    OMG that IS funny! I used to work for Nestle, U.S.A. and I never would have given anyone there credit for that much of a sense of humor.

  • Julia C.

    Brilliant! And the last bit about Kashi is priceless, especially given his deadpan delivery.

    Now I’ll have to replay it to focus on the banner scrawl, but caught enough to see what you mean.

    Thanks for the much needed laugh.

  • MJ

    That is wonderful and much needed palate cleanser! I replayed it so I could catch the banner scrawl which is as funny as the clip. Thank you.

  • DaveW

    OK yeah that’s pretty darn funny. The banner is great too.

  • Fr. Steve

    That’s hysterical! The nanny state can’t like this one!

  • Jeff

    Oh I don’t know. I could see someone who is really alone not liking being laughed at this way.

  • nan

    The point is to lighten up Jeff!!!!!!!

  • laura

    Paul Westerberg, the Replacements, had some of the funniest and still razor sharp indictments of modern life.

    Man without Ties
    Men without ties don’t dress for dinner
    Do the friday night frozen pizza thing
    Don’t want no wife or no beginner
    You’re the friday night frozen pizza king

    Everything you buy is soon expired
    Some neighbors they’re a-thinking that your gay
    Others they assume that you’ve been fired
    See you smoking cigarettes all day

    Men without ties don’t dress for dinner
    Do the friday night frozen pizza thing
    Don’t want no wife or no beginner with a knife
    You’re the friday night frozen pizza king

    On saturday they wont catch you in your yard
    Your dreaming of tonight’s fine cuisine
    With a microwave and a library card
    It’ll taste like plastic, but it’ll be faster! (ha) sing it!

    Men without ties… its about time

    Men without ties don’t dress for dinner
    Men without ties don’t need a thing
    Don’t want no wife, sure will get by
    Man without ties is king

    Or from the female side

    Well it was popcorn for dinner
    last night it was cheesecake
    a little sleepytime tea to spackle another heartache.

  • Jeff

    yeah it’s sort of funny but mean too. Four lonely people killed themselves at my Catholic college while I was there, so this kind of stuff touches a nerve.

  • http://disqus freelancer

    I am unendingly amazed at the performance of these actors in the various videos you post. I do not otherwise see many as I could waste a whole lot of time following any more. If one didn’t know they were satire and had the sound off most could be taken for a real broadcast. Thank you for the laugh.

  • Manny L.

    LOL!! That is great. I needed that. :)

  • Therese Z

    The Kashi windup was absolutely priceless! The man is a comedian manque!