Classical Artists for Haiti

We haven’t talked much about Haiti, lately, but it’s not because the people there are forgotten or not in our prayers. I still pray for “my Haiti kids” every day, as well as all those who are still engaged with relief efforts there, and those who (like this priest and others) are at it every day.

But my main source of info on Haiti is our friend DeLynn, and -as you read here– she is a bit distracted just now with her son’s medical situation. Please pray. Pray for everyone.

It takes time to pray for many. That’s good. Take the time. You will feel better.

But just because we’ve been remiss about Haiti doesn’t mean others have. Deacon Greg gave a heads up, and to be honest, it was exactly what I needed to hear/read about.

Information Here

We could all stand a few prayers, right now. But when we are most in need of prayer and help is when it is especially efficacious to pray for others. I know this to be true.

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