Humble Veneration & Connection

Rick over at Brutally Honest, who from time-to-time writes a bit about faith and where he is of a moment (he has been taking the “long route” to Rome!) has written poignantly about his first time attending a Good Friday Veneration of the Cross service.

I confess now to you that initially, I was uneasy. This sort of thing is not looked kindly upon by some of my Protestant brethren, and I, at one time, had come to agree with them. So I actually hesitated as it was our turn to join the procession tothe cross. But I overcame that hesitation. And I’m glad I did. Very glad.

I’ll not dwell on our own experience other than to state succinctly that it was powerful and most holy and made me keenly aware of God’s gift in Christ and what Christ has done.

It was an uplifting and remarkabe moment yet the highlight of the evening came just a few minutes later.

You’ll want to read it all.

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