The Desire of Mary Magdalene

You will notice that as long as Mary stood gazing into the empty tomb and looked at the angels, Jesus stood behind her and concealed himself from her . . . our Lord God hides himself from those who are busied with creatures, absorbed and distressed about created things. The moment the soul turns away from them and goes in search of God, then God reveals himself.

Whosoever longs for the sight of God must soar aloft like a star, and must have an aversion for all transitory things…
— Fr. John Tauler, O.P.

My email is full of people who are really anxious
, or distressed, about the state of our nation, the state of our press and the state of the world. Most particularly, people seem to be very distressed about what they feel is a needlessly played card that seems to many to be an invitation to test us.

Well…the world is in charge of the world. The creatures are being creatures. Keep seeking Christ, and do not be afraid -even if you are failing at it all, failing at love, otherwise being less of a Christian than you desire to be- keep seeking Christ, and do not be afraid.

“If in all things thou seeketh Jesus, doubtless thou will find him.”
– Teresa of Avila

I may have a second piece up later, but will not be looking at emails until this evening.

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