Why the Bumblebee Flies…

I have been falling behind on my reading, and politics has been off my radar a little bit, but I was extremely intrigued by this fellow:

H/T Ed Morrissey who says he’ll be posting more on Herman Cain.

I also like this piece by Ed Driscoll, which is kind of fun.

This site is also interesting; I hadn’t seen it, before.

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  • http://americanphoenix.net American Phoenix

    Herman Cain sometimes fills in for Rush Limbaugh when he’s not at the mic. Cain, along with Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell, are some of my favorite subs. All of them are intelligent, well read and well spoken. Cain has held top positions in corporate America (Coca Cola and Pillsbury) as well as in the US Navy. What an awesome speech! Thanks for sharing!

  • Lana R. Taylor

    This “fellow” is brilliant. His biography is stunning – he is a self-made man. Herman Cain is the real deal! The Republicans have a very deep bench.

  • Maureen in the CD

    Thank you so much for this! What a wonderful speaker, and what a vibrant man.

  • Kathy

    My husband and I happened to be returning home by car on a trip. We heard Herman Cain on the radio and were very impressed. What he shared on the radio caused us to donate to Scott Brown’s campaign in MA.

    This man has a substantial degree of common sense!

  • http://!!!! kelleybee

    Brilliant speech! I can feel the left twitching now…honing their long knives. I want to learn more about him.

  • http://TheAnchoressonline Sandy Amos

    I listen to Mr. Cain whenever I get the chance. He has so much common sense and a clear vision for our country. We would be well served if Mr. Cain was representing us in Washington.

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  • Doc

    I votes for Herman when he ran against Isakson in the Republican Senate primary. Senator Isakson has been pretty good, but Cain would have been superb.

  • Myssi

    Good speech. Interesting man. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://FairKaye.blogspot.com FairKaye

    I’ve learned to love Herman Cain since moving back to Atlanta in 2006. He ran for US Senate while I was out of state, but lost to Issakson. I just wish he would run for office – any office – again. We need his leadership. I’m not sure why he has been so overlooked in the past. He’s on WSB radio every weeknight where he teaches his audience basic economics and civics as he answers questions. He has a cadre of followers, Herminator’s Intelligent Thinkers Movement and a website at HermanCain.com. He’ll be on Hannity’s show on Wed. night and on Cavuto’s show on Thursday.

  • http://lookingup1.blogspot.com Catherine Wilson

    No one will believe what I’m about to write. I wouldn’t believe it if any of you posted it.

    My sister, Jen, sent the link to this video and my husband and I were listening. He sat across the room in his lounge chair half napping.

    As I looked toward him over my laptop I was aware of an insect hovering behind his chair. I squinted and sat forward.

    A large insect was hovering in front of the door to our sun room. It was inside and trying to get out.

    I alerted my husband and we helped it exit out a nearby sliding glass door.

    It’s cold here in Ohio and the house is shut tight.

    Yes. You guessed it. It was a bumble bee and he made his appearance just before Mr. Cain gave his analogy.

    My husband continued listening as I repaired to the powder room.

    I heard him calling and exclaiming something about a bumble bee as he heard Mr. Cain firing up the audience with the powerful exhortation to believe that this great country of opportunity will survive this administration.

    I’ve still got goose bumps.

  • Mark in Kansas

    What a classy man. I was blessed to be able to hear him live on WSB during the years I lived in the Atlanta area. He would occasionally substitute for Neal Boortz on the Neal Boortz radio show. If memory serves me right, he was CEO of the Godfather’s Pizza company for a period. The man has an excellent understanding of economics and he had no problem sparring on the radio with the occasional leftists and statists who could call into the show to try to prove him wrong.

  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny L.

    Wow!!!! I’ve never heard Herman Cain. Whoa, was that powerful. This was fabulous. I will have to link this with my blog too.

  • Lucia

    I’ve heard Mr. Cain before and I like him. Too bad about the Bumble Bee story though, if he wants to run for high office his stories need to be accurate. We do know how Bumble Bees fly http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/1076/is-it-aerodynamically-impossible-for-bumblebees-to-fly.