Climate Change; Endlessly Fickle -UPDATED

According to this piece, the Icelandic volcano spewing tons of ash and who knows whatall is not sufficient to change the climate.

The volcanic ash spewing from an Icelandic mountain that’s disrupting air travel across Europe may be hundreds of times less than what Mount Pinatubo disgorged in the Philippines in 1991, altering the world’s climate.

The impact of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano is likely to be “virtually non-existent” on the global climate because the eruption is too small and gases are not penetrating the upper atmosphere, Blair Trewin, a senior climatologist at Australia’s National Climate Centre in Melbourne, said in an interview.

So all you people who thought that you were saving the planet by extinguishing a Hanukkah candle, I’m sorry. You just deprived yourself of a festive night in light.

I say we may as well continue enjoying our summer concerts and nighttime sporting events.

And I want my incandescent lightbulbs back!

UPDATE I: The Obama administration, gearing up to try passing Cap and Trade keeps hope alive! Ed Morrissey is enjoying a laugh at that one.

UPDATE II: Now Hekla, the second volcano, may be erupting. Or, it seems…maybe not.

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  • Manny L.

    LOL! I want those light bulbs back too. Though I would not be surprised if the climatologists are wrong about the volcano. I don’t think they really can predict. At least I haven’t seen any evidence of their ability to get almost any long term climate prediction correct.

  • suzyq

    Satellite photo of Face in the Volcano: creepy.


  • YogusBearus

    I’ll wait until algore weighs in before telling you what I think.

  • JessM

    If you want a reasoned, scientific look at what’s going on in Iceland, I’ve always relied on this website and the Author, Alan Sullivan, takes a very calm and measured approach (with good antennae for Gaia nonsense!)

    link and, specifically:


  • Bender

    How disgusting.

    I bet you’re a Holocaust denier too!

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  • Ellen

    If the Yellowstone supervolcano ever erupts again, we can kiss the Western Hemisphere goodbye. Volcanoes are *enormously* powerful, even more powerful than Algore’s powerpoint slides.

  • Alan Sullivan

    Hekla is not erupting. I spotted this instantly as a phony rumor — some versions had photos of Eyja. Back in March, when Eyja started erupting, a Hekla webcam was repointed, because Eyja could be seen from there. This has caused much confusion.

    Eyja’s neighbor Katla could erupt in the next few years. Historcally it has done so after Eyja’s infrequent eruptions. It is unusual for volcanoes to connect in any way, and Hekla is not connected.

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  • Jeff

    We really need to Goracle to weigh in on this. We need this guidance.

  • Jeff

    Meant “the” Goracle… To Ellen’s comment I also heard that if Yellowstone blew it would be like an asteroid serious as hitting Earth – - and it will happen in the future. With all our technology and nukes we are still totally at the mercy of God’s green earth (and God).

  • Kathryn

    Does the year without a summer (1816 for those of you who are interested) ring a bell to these people? Maybe not long-term climate change, but volcanos are certainly powerful enough to change the weather for a year or more.

  • SuzyQ

    Seriously, what ARE we going to do about the lightbulbs? Light isn’t something you can trifle with or be cavalier about! I think if we all have to dwell in the eerie and unnatural phosphorescence of those “energy-efficient” bulbs we’re going to go a little crazy. And all the Botox in the world still won’t flatter Mrs. Pelosi in that unbecoming light!

  • cathyf

    What I saw looked like yellowstone is not blowing anytime soon. The is a hot spot, and when it blew before the spot was below flatlands, while now the continent has drifted so that it is below much more mountainous terrain.

    It needs to get out from under the mountains — geologic time — before it blows again.

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  • pst314

    A second volcano? Ho hum. What’s Hekla to me, or me to Hekla? /ducks

  • dry valleys

    Talking Climategate

    You remember that Climategate, don’t you? The thing we all got so worked up about. But now I am wondering whether I actually yielded too much to conservatives in my statements at the time.

    As for the ash, I liked this. The neoliberals shouldn’t delude themselves into thinking that man can be lord over the earth, that there are no limits to human expansion, & we needn’t concern ourselves with how much resources we use up or girly nonsense like that. Nature has got other ideas.

    OTOH I don’t know if I remember saying about when green isn’t good. I was quite pleased with my own weighty & statesmanlike comments :)

    Lots of stuff going on here in Britain. I am probably going with Liberal Democrats (third party) but I do prefer Camoron to Brown for reasons particular to what this government has done, & the fact that I’m more a European liberal than a socialist (though I can’t imagine the socialists being happy with this government either). No idea which way the votes will go but I want Labour out. I don’t know if you’re much bothered about the Britosphere but some really good stuff has been posted recently, I’ve just not been able to read much of it due to work & other real-life business (none of which are interesting, just time-consuming).

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