God and Man: News Roundup

In no particular order, here are the stories that are taking up space in my tab-bar today:

Mary Ann Glendon: God and Mrs. Roosevelt

Surprise! Obamacare is going to increase your expenses! Right on top of all the new taxes and the expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts next year. I wish we had a president who realized that when people have jobs, you can collect taxes from them!

Also, Kathleen Sebelius admits the administration has no idea what Obamacare is going to cost

Seems the numbers were a lie, all along

You Don’t Know Jack: At least not as the media portrays him

Don’t believe: Good economic news, at least this guy says we oughtn’t. Don’t worry, I wasn’t. I frankly don’t know anyone who was.

So, Did Obama lie about a couple things regarding the Blago case? Seems maybe he did. Whether the press will care is anyone’s guess. His lies are sweet nothings to the media.

Pope Benedict: he has become the new Emmanuel Goldstein. Finally, someone to replace Bush in worldwide hate and condemnation!

Lamenting: The Culture of Death

VDH: The New Civility in The Age of Untruth.

A Nostalgic look back at the Old Civility: in the age of freedom

Homeschooling: Not tolerated in Sweden?

Weaponizing space? I thought Obama said he would not do that? Where’s the transparency? Why is this happening now? And what Buzz Aldrin talking about, anyway?

All that aside, this is a hmmm.

James Lileks: Dissent is officially no longer highest form of patriotism

Does anyone remember the outrage, when Ari Fleisher said -after 9/11- that people should be careful with their words? Not so much outrage, anymore.

Appreciating Sorrow in our Lives: A worthwhile read

The difference: Between smart and wise

“…almost a quarter of a million women, as religious sisters, have shaped the life and culture of, I believe both the Catholic Church and American society,” says Sister Mary Waskowiak, RSM. And some claim women have not had enough influence in the church. This sister refutes that notion!

Oscar Romero: I watch this video and I realize that the difference between liberation and enslavement lives within the whole debate between equality of opportunity and equality of outcome. These people were truly oppressed and not even given opportunity. But opportunity is what people need. Guaranteed outcomes are unnatural -they must be created and compelled- but opportunity should be natural, and not unusual. Opportunity is the giver of dreams and the spark that lights imagination.

Sexual Abuse: Only a problem for the churches?

Forgiving Sexual Abuse:
a musing

SEC: Fiddling around while the economy burned. Also, The numbers behind pornography

Obama hates rich people: doesn’t he?

Reigniting: The Word of God

The Endless Animus: Limbaugh and Clinton

Suicide: Epidemic. Linked to lack of faith comprehension?

If you missed it: Weigel’s Open Letter to Hans Kung and Kung’s Long Goodbye

Botox: It sounds like a very stupid thing to do

Abe Lincoln: Gets a nose-job

Sock it to me: It’s all about respect

Hiring and Firing Bishops: worth reading

If the world is going to end, it’s not going to be because of this stuff

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