A wee prayer request

Buster says: Pray for me!

For any so inclined, if you could whisper up a prayer for Buster, today. He is auditioning for a singing job that actually pays and if he gets it, it will be a big help to all of us, while he is still in school, plus it will give him some professional singing experience. Thanks!

For newer readers who are unacquainted with Buster -of whom I have not written much since he went fo college- you can meet him here, here and here.

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  • saveliberty

    Prayers for your wonderful son, Buster.

  • newguy40

    Praying for your son’s successful audtion!

    How fun for all of you!

  • Jenny

    Good luck on the paying gig! I miss the Buster stories.

  • Marcia

    Sending my guardian angel to help during the audition. I have an AWESOME guardian angel, so I know he will be great. Also asking Mary’s intercession to give him the gift of peace.
    Keep us updated- and congrats! This is a great opportunity for him.

  • http://theblackcordelias.wordpress.com/ Nan

    Prayers for Buster, the singing cowboy.

  • F

    Fellow singer asking St. Cecilia to help him kick some, I mean, to sing really really well!

    GO BUSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny L.

    May our Lord help bring out Buster’s natural talent for a smashing performance. God be with him.

  • Piano Girl88

    Please let me know how Buster does!

  • Mimsy

    I just saw your post; so it’s probably too late to pray for the audition, but I did anyway. Reading again your previous Buster posts, I must remind you that I am still hoping for your Buster to meet my College Girl and for them to fall in love–if they don’t discover vocations to the religious life first. College Girl tells me she is pretty sure that being a nurse and being a mom is her life plan, but I know that she prays about it and never misses mass. Yes, she is a great daughter, a gorgeous and intelligent young woman, and she has a glorious singing voice, too. Okay…I’ll sit down now. Let us know how it went with Buster.

  • Scott Hebert

    From his mouth to God’s ear. Perform for God, and the rest will fall into place.

    Oh, to sing again like I did in my youth…

    I would give very much to meet you and yours, dear Anchoress.

  • Mary in CO

    Offering a prayer for Buster’s successful audition, and for all students seeking summer work (like my nephew).

  • http://smalltalkwitht.wordpress.com T.

    What an opportunity Buster has! He will be in my prayers this week! Please let us know how he does.


  • newguy40

    Well, how’d he do?

    [Looks like he got it! He has to just pass a probationary period! Thanks! -admin]