Speaking of Eschatology – UPDATED

…which, we sort of were

Assume your last day is tomorrow. What will you cling to, and what will you put aside?

Msgr. Charles Pope: Developing the desire for all that really matters…

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  • Fr John Mack

    If tomorrow were my last day, I would not proceed with plans for my 1 week class next week at the Toronto School of Theology, “The Last Enemy: Death and Christian Hope.” Everyone I turn I see Eschatology. In all seriousness, I need to ponder this a bit. Maybe I would let go of all my plans and make sure I had a nice dinner-party with friends.

  • http://ConvertJournal.com George @ ConvertJournal

    I would cling to my family and friends. These are the people who shared and supported my mortal life and to whom I owe a debt that could never be repaid.

  • AMDG

    Well, I wouldn’t floss tonight.

    (Trying to add a little levity to a serious discussion…)

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    Well, if EVERYONE’S last day is tomorrow, then I suppose I’d spend some time on the phone and maybe some travel to tell loved ones I love them, etc., and also Confession and Mass.

    If it is only ME whose last day is tomorrow, I’d better start cleaning up my house while I still have time. I don’t want folks to see my place like this! (Yeah, that’s a glorious last day, isn’t it? Spending all my time doing laundry and dishes and cleaning the bathroom!)

  • http://chronatlantis.blogspot.com/ Jeff Hendrix

    Cancer has taught me this lesson, having had surgery nearly two years to the day ago for it. Memento mori is a lesson one would do well to remember and foster early and often; not morbidly but as you note to get one’s priorities in order.

    A Little Guide for Your Last Days Cheers

  • John C.

    OK folks, who is that lady?

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