Dems Replay May 2006 Tactic -UPDATED

See this?

Hispanics and Democratic lawmakers furious over Arizona’s harsh crackdown on illegal immigrants expect huge weekend rallies across the United States, piling pressure on President Barack Obama to overhaul immigration laws in this election year.

Don’t kid yourselves. They were going to do this whether Arizona passed a law or not.

The Dems and the left are replaying what they did in May of 2006: organizing nationwide marches with preprinted signs (courtesy, I am sure, of A.N.S.W.E.R.) and they’re going to pull the same street theater that got the right into an screaming “send them all back, right now!” uproar in 2006, which the media and dems capitalized on, to the detriment of the right.

The left went on to win that election, and since then have you seen these “uprisings” every May 1 or May 5? Since then, in fact, has much been said or done on immigration?


Of course not. But it’s an election year, as in 2006, and the Democrats are in deep trouble. Back then, even with “Bush’s increasingly unpopular war” they were not quite sealing the deal. Playing this street theater, and the race card, helped to divide the right, weaken further weaken Bush’s support within his own party, and terrify the GOP congress; being called “racists” from the left, and “shamnesty-promoting traitors” from the right, that spineless crew decided that doing nothing was the safest bet.

As I said – unpopularlyyesterday:

Demanding a sudden and perfect solution to the problem after 30 years of relative neglect, the right chose doing nothing at all over compromising with President Bush, and so now the issue is still alive, still a potent election tool, and it is in the hands of an opposition that has already proved itself to be ruthlessly willing to do whatever it takes to win, and wholly disinterested in what polls may say.

Having demonstrated its inability to address this issue calmly and comprehensively when they had the chance, the right is being tempted to repeat its mistakes again. The provocation worked beautifully in 2006. The Dems are counting on it working well this time, and saving their majority or at least tamping down on their losses.

The right does not need to replay their reaction, though; the left is counting on the sight of nationwide rent-a-mobs and obnoxious signs to drive the right into shrill, passionate, uncompromising and self-defeating spams of hate and hysteria.

If they manage that, the left will have obliterated the images of peaceful teaparty demonstrations that they have been working so desperately to define as something else. That alone will be a huge victory for them. If the right gets really exercised and emotional about this, they will be weakened. Emotionalism does not convince people to get behind you. It makes people run in the other direction.

Keep the powder dry. This plan is one of extreme provocation, and if the right allows itself to get sucked into it all -and defined by the left and the press – then the left will have won a huge PR battle, and that is the win they want.

Bookworm has more thoughts.


A little O/T, but only a little. Isn’t it just damn strange how Democrats in power seem to be incapable of doing anything, anymore, but cry “racism” at every turn? This is not the sign of a party (or an ideology) secure in itself.

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  • Kirstin

    They have rights. They have basic human rights, as does every single human being on this earth. However, they do not have legal rights to demand legitimization because they got here by breaking our laws. Other countries have very strict immigration laws and no one says “boo” about that. We are entitled to control our borders and have our existiing immigration laws enforced. Those who are here because they have disregarded those laws are not entitled to have rallies and cause disruptions as far as I”m concerned. They are the ones who inflaming the situation.

    You’ve really got it wrong when you write:
    “The right does not need to replay their reaction, though; the left is counting on the sight of nationwide rent-a-mobs and obnoxious signs to drive the right into shrill, passionate, uncompromising and self-defeating spams of hate and hysteria.”

    It is not hateful nor hysterical to insist that our immigration laws be enforced and that all in our nation abide by our laws. Americans demanded that when President Bush and Congress tried to ignore the majority will regarding immigration “reform” before, and we will do so again. Please don’t be sucked in by the wild and prejudicial rhetoric of those who care more interested in defending illegal aliens than in defending Americans.

  • jvon

    Well said, and I think you’re on target with this. I’ve restrained myself in commenting on this whole thing, aside from saying that I don’t live in Arizona and it’s not really my place to say how they should run their state.

  • Alex

    In all fairness I saw a pretty sizeable demonstration in Chicago outside the Shed Aquarium on May Day in 2007. Still have pics, actually, as I had stumbled onto it quite by accident. All I knew was there were a bunch of latinos just kinda chilling and eating fair food while kids from Northwestern stood on vans and yelled communist slogans whilst waving red flags. Oh, and the anarchists were beating plastic bins too, they do love the percussion.


    Good post, except for the “compromising with President Bush” part. How is agreeing to amnesty (and don’t forget the DREAM Act) even remotely a compromise?

    [See, that's the difference between simply caving and "compromising." I never wrote "giving in to President Bush." I wrote "compromising" with President Bush. Two very different things. I believe Bush would have worked with the right -he had an obligation to- had they shown the remotest interest in forging some sort of compromise. But the right said, "our way or no way," and they got no way. -admin]

  • AD

    Payback (from the Right) is best dealt-out in a cold, dispassionate manner at the ballot-box (Revenge is a dish best served cold) come June (our primary in CA) and in November.
    Now is the time to just take names, and maintain a list – June and November will be the time to check those names off of that list.

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  • gs

    If the Right has a clue, which remains to be seen, it will demonstrate a difference between the Tea Party protests and the Democrats’ race-based astroturfing.

  • mRed

    Excellent points and excellent post.

  • Kevin

    Well, in 2006 I opposed the “send them all back” folks, just like I opposed Prop 187 way back when. Now? If the Arizona law was a ballot item in California I’d vote for it in a heartbeat.

    The difference? Been lied to too often, the economy sucks, and the infrastructure has gone from bad to impossible. Cannot even begin to imagine the LA freeways when the recession ends.

    Maybe not send them all back, but send a bunch of them back for sure. How about we see who’s paid taxes and who’s leeched and decide on that basis. The status quo is impossible and amnesty begs for worse. We need to make some examples.

  • newguy40

    I took a step back from this whole arguement after yesterday. I must say, I was very agitated and off kilter.

    Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.
    ~Philippians 4:7-8

    I went to Mass this morning. Immediately felt better when I sat and encountered the Real Presence in the sanctuary.

    I’ll plan to do the same on May 1 or go for an hour of Adoration.

  • igout

    On most points, Anchoress, I’m a silent but genuine fan, but here I think you’re all wet. It wasn’t a Dem “tactic” but a strategy, a pincer strategy. If the right opposed, as it did, that voting block would go dem. If it made nice, as the poor simpleton McCain attempted, that voting block would still go dem–only with millions more votes. Either way the right loses, so it might as well lose on the side of honor. We had no other course then and we have none now.

    Shortly after the 08 election McCain admitted as much when in a meeting with his latino proteges, he is said to have said “you made your choice”, and walked out. Ex-Proteges now, to judge by his sensible stance on the border issues. There’s more joy in heaven over a repented sinner returning to the flock….or however it goes.

    You speak of hate. Less toward the illegals themselves than toward the cynical politicians, business interests and Mexican revanchists who exploit them. yeah, guilty, I hate them.

    Given the opportunity to be thoroughly Americanized, the way the Ellis Island generations were, these aliens might become excellent citizens. But the powers that be have other plans for them.

    [Yes, I agree. I have been urging the creation of an "Ellis Island West" program, with reformed, workable immigration policies enforced at processing facilities at various spots on the borders, for some years, now. But who listens to me? :-) -admin]

  • erich

    whatever that means.

  • Ajax

    If the Right has a clue, which remains to be seen, it will demonstrate a difference between the Tea Party protests and the Democrats’ race-based astroturfing.

    The right has a clue. I’m not sure whether the GOP does.

  • StoneHead

    If only we had an honest Press in this country, the difference between the Left’s Astro-turfed protests and the true grass-roots effort that the Tea Parties seem to be would be clearly on display. Alas, we do not have that Press. So in reality, the Left gets to both define the narrative and to play by whatever rules it wants. Leftist protests, regardless of how violent they are – and they are usually violent – are reported as ‘peaceful’. Protests from the Right are described as hate-fests regardless.

    It is therefore incumbent upon all of us to remember that the US Press is an active and relentless enemy. And because our response will not receive any sort of fair hearing among the Press lapdogs of the Left, we must respond to the violent attacks of the open-borders crowd with our own arguments and nothing more. Defend our opinions we must. But we cannot allow ourselves to be drawn into a wild-eyed scream-fest. As the Anchoress so aptly says, that is what they seek to do. Let us deny them their wish.

  • Kevin

    By my (frequently flawed) recollection, the position of most amnesty opponents was that comprehensive action was required in the enforcement of existing law, rather than in the rushed creation of more legislation. Despite the fact that reasonable people may disagree, it does not seem to represent an inability to address the issue calmly.

  • DaveP.

    You are welcome to your own opinions and faith; you are not welcome to your own facts.

    The disaster of 2006 was caused, not by ‘refusing to compromise with President Bush’ but by refusing to listen to the voters and attempting to force a wildly unpopular bill on the unwilling.
    The Republican Party went into the 2006 election cycle, having not just sacrificed the faith of its voters (and, don’t forget, a huge chunk of independants: Amnesty was bipartisanly reviled) but having actively insulted those voters- remember Lindsay Graham, ‘telling those bigots to shut up’?

    The Democratic Party had nothing to do with the disgust that the rank-and-file felt for the Congressional Republican delegation, or their lack of support in ’06 or ’08; that was all down to the Amnesty lobby’s own doings.

  • Terrye


    I think Anchoress is right. Did Tancredo win the nomination? Thus far what did all that infighting and back stabbing get the right? What did attacking Bush and calling him Jorge Busho actually accomplish? Other than helping Obama win…and the kind of policy he will support will not make the right happy. Not at all. But you do not have the votes to stop it.

    The truth is this problem has been there for years, and no one, including Ronald Reagan dealt with it. Instead they let it go on for ever and then wanted a solution yesterday.

    Bush and the Republicans had to deal with Democrats to get anything done. The Democrats do not have to deal with the right. Not really.

    So, I think Anchoress is right. Refrain from circular firing squads and make all arguments in a sane and rational way. Just laugh at the idiot Mayor of San Francisco when he says he wants to boycott Arizona.

  • Micha Elyi

    “Having demonstrated its inability to address this issue calmly and comprehensively when they had the chance, the right is being tempted to repeat its mistakes again.”

    This “the right” you speak of, Anchoress, who is she?

    I know many individual Americans outside the Left who “address this issue calmly and comprehensively.” However, the Establishment Media shreds what they have to say into 3-second sound bites of which selected bits are surrounded fore and aft with many minutes of slander and ‘interpretation’ in order to force-fit dissent into the New Leftist Order’s narrative.

    “The provocation worked beautifully in 2006. The Dems are counting on it working well this time, and saving their majority or at least tamping down on their losses.”

    Ha. Bring it on. This time, the movers and shakers (and direct political beneficiaries) of sham-nesty bills in Congress and the bully pulpit of the White House will be Democrat pols. This time, they won’t easily hide their agenda nor their actual votes behind useful idiots wearing RINO pin stripes.

  • John Skookum

    I have taken to remaining calm, avoiding discussion of current or past immigration reform efforts here in the US, and saying that we should simply adopt the same immigration laws Mexico currently has. This is hard for them to bicker with.

    You can throw the racism charge back at them: “How can this be anti-Mexican racism when the Ley General de Poblacion was written, adopted, and is currently enforced by the Mexican people themselves? Do you have something against Mexicans if you think their law isn’t good enough for us? Are you some kind of racist?” This is guaranteed to throw a patronizing white liberal off-guard.

    This is of course some Alinsky ju-jitsu, for as soon as your opponent agrees that this would be reasonable, you can reveal the harshness of the way Mexico treats foreign interlopers in their own country.

    Michelle Malkin had something on this recently.

  • Terrye


    I disagree. If the reason the Republicans lost was that they tried to pass comprehensive immigration reform, then why would voters put more liberals in office? Obama voted against that bill because he thought it was too hard on illegals. That did not hurt him in 2008. The truth is that Republicans had 44% of the hispanic vote in 2004. In 2006, they had less than half that.

    I don’t think that most of the people who did not support a comprehensive plan were racists, not at all. But I do think that some things were said that lead other people to believe that. And that hurt Republicans.

    So, all I can say is that if the socalled rank and file felt disgust with the Republicans so they decided to sit back and let the Democrats win, then they have no right to complain about what they got out of the deal..that is a Democrat in the White and Democrats in control of both Houses of Congress.

  • Terrye


    It was not just the media. The media is definitely on the side of the left, I do believe that. But the Anchoress got some really nasty comments from people because of her stand on this and the media was not responsible for that.

    So you can say bring it on all you want. But so far, the only thing that attitude has accomplished has been to create a super majority for the Democrats.

  • Sal

    As someone pointed out in the other thread- this isn’t 2006. The economy is bad, a lot of people hate the healthcare bill and the tactics used to pass it, the bloom is off Obama for a lot of people.
    What more can be said of us than has already been said of us as Tea Partiers?
    This could play badly for the Dems.

    A thought on idealogy, from the previous thread: been reading you for years and was always puzzled by your take on illegal immigration, especially what seemed to be a sort of tone-deafness towards those of us who actually live with the problem.Could it be that the idealogly of the American immigrant experience is so important to you that you insist on viewing all immigrants the same way?
    When we point out that instead of hopefuls looking for a chance, what we see in reality is hordes of people with their hands out, living in enclaves with no interest in assimilation, importing Mexico’s lawless kleptocracy into our country through gangs and drug cartels (your mileage may vary, depending on your immigrant population)- is that so antithetical to your narrative that you decide we must be exaggerating or that we’re hysterics? It’s an explanation that makes sense to me.
    All we’re saying is that the immigration story has changed, and for the worse, for everyone. This isn’t Ellis Island in 1900, and we can’t solve the problem if you insist on looking at it through that lens.

    There are many workable- not perfect- solutions to this problem, but none of them will succeed if they’re all tossed out b/c they’re “un-American”. I’d put in my suggestions, but this is long enough already.

  • Micha Elyi

    I too read signs of tone-deafness on this issue from the dear Anchoress that Sal speaks of.

  • joe

    Everyone who sides with the illegal invasion of the Arizona borders is in direct violation of the tenth commandment by desiring to control properties owned by others ( take notice Cardinal Mahoney ). The lawful attempts to stem this invasion peacefully are in full accord with Christ’s teaching as exemplified wherein He instructed the perfection-seeking young man merely to sell all his posessions, rather than take them away!

  • Antimedia

    The truth is this problem has been there for years, and no one, including Ronald Reagan dealt with it.

    Baloney. The deal Reagan struck was, you get amnesty and I get enforcement. It was the failure to deliver the second half of the deal that caused the present problem. That’s why a similar agreement should be a non-starter. This time it should be, we get enforcement with teeth first, and then we’ll talk about amnesty.

  • Whitehall

    We need to remember that corrolation is not causation.

    The the last amnesty bill was killed by popular uproar, not some failings or successes of our conservative leaders.

    The fact that Congress changed hands 2006 and the White House in 2008 occurred INSPITE of the immigration issue, and not because of it.

    For most Americans, political activity follows indignation. Usually, our system works pretty well on auto-pilot and few citizens devote more than cursory attention to politics. This is generally a good sign. However, illegal immigration has become such a problem to so many, that ordinary citizens are paying attention.

    So, the issue will grow in intensity. The Left wants to activate their interest groups while the conservatives will note the bump in popularity of those political figures who actually DO SOMETHING about the problem.

    The incentives are there for a vigorous and heated debate on immigration.

    Thank goodness – it’s about time!

  • Sean P

    Well there’s a big difference between 2006 and 2010. In 2006 the anti illegal immigration crowd was as fed up with the GOP as they were with Democrats, now the anti illegal immigration crowd will be focusing their fire. See, that was why the tactic worked so well then. Pro amnesty voters backed the Democrsts, anti amnesty voters split their support. With the pro amnesty forces completely aligning on one side of the political aisle, it is unlikely to happen again.


    And the Invasion continues… link

  • Western Chauvinist

    Oh, dear God. Don’t you people see what is going on here? Obama is the MASTER of misdirection. While ya’ll are burning all this fuel over illegal immigration, he’s nationalizing the commanding heights of the American economy. Government Motors, health care, student loans and next the financial sector. I think the Anchoress is spot on in her analysis AND plenty of thoughtful take-back America conservatives agree with her (Hugh Hewitt, Marco Rubio, et al).

    It isn’t that Arizona isn’t suffering from this problem. And maybe the new law will force the feds to actually do something. But, please, let’s not react to the coming theatrical production by La Raza and A.N.S.W.E.R. We lose credibility and moral seriousness by becoming hysteric at every provocation of the Left. We ARE the grown-ups in this country. Let’s act like it.

    We’d all like to fix the illegal immigration problem. We just can’t do everything at once. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize and work for a crushing defeat of the social democrats this year. Win hearts and minds. Win in November.

    One more aphorism: Keep your lamp full and your powder dry.

  • hitnrun

    If a GOP candidate wants to run on his district or state on healthcare, or immigration, or whatever, more power to him or her.

    But the issues that need to be the national focus – the issues with which Republicans are not 45%, but 60%, of the public – are the economy and the national debt, collectively. These are why people are protesting in the streets.

    Immigration is a winning issue for the GOP in a lot of places; I think the Anchoress is wrong about the Dems making hay out of it in 2006. Losers tend to overanalyze things. The constant media drumbeat on Iraq, the tawdry corruption scandals, and the declining distaste for the Bushies on all sides were more than enough to explain the losses in 2006.

    With that said, I think she’s right that immigration should not be the national platform through the summer and fall. Economic issues can win in freaking Massachusetts. If you only have so much airtime and money, you want to harp on that. Immigration is an abstract problem to most of the country, not a direct threat to life and property like it is in the south and southwest.

  • Bigfoot

    Let them march! The right is already energized over the health care monstrosity and bailouts and etc. The sight of thousands of illegal alians and their leftist supporters demanding rights they don’t have will just send more of us to the polls. This isn’t 2006. There isn’t a failing Iraq war. We outnumber them, and this time we have already seen their marches once. Make my day!

  • Bender

    How about this –

    Instead of worrying about the politics of this issue or that, we simply do the right thing?

    Just do the right thing, and if America doesn’t like it, and reaffirms their act of national suicide that they committed in 2008, then America deserves what it gets.

  • Elizabeth

    You have to ask yourself who’s responsible for the 1965 Open Immigration Act?

    That’s who ruined the USA.

  • physics geek

    Could it be that the idealogly of the American immigrant experience is so important to you that you insist on viewing all immigrants the same way?

    Amen to that.

    I worked in IT for more than a decade. You might be aware that a large number of Indians (from India, not the USA) work in that field. Many of them use 2-4 weeks of vacation each year to go back to India to make certain that their visas are in order; they’ve had issues trying to deal with it over here. If something gets screwed up or delayed, they have to go back to India until things are resolved. And the vast majority of them are opposed to these amnesty/pay a small fine and then amnesty poison pills. They’ve worked hard to follow the law while staying in this country. Many want to become citizens. And now they see lawbreakers (and that is what they are) potentially line-jumping in front of them. Not surprisingly, they are pissed off. I guess it’s because they want to show everyone that they hate different brown people, right?

    Look, I’m all for opening the doors legally. Increase drastically the number of people legally permitted to enter this country. But this sanctimonious attitude that I see from some -ahem- about wanting to enforce laws that have been systematically ignored for decades by the feds is ridiculous.

  • Carol

    Why does Congress always feel like they have to write one bill that makes enormous changes all at once. When they do that, we end up with a hopeless abortion like so-called health care reform, where no one actually knows what it really does and Congress apparently eliminates its own coverage.

    Why can’t Congress do one thing at a time, judge the effect, and then move along to the next step? Are they really so busy that they have to do everything at once?

    Why can’t they just do what is necessary to seal our borders, see what effect that has, and then move along and see what needs to be done next?

    Their need to make grand gestures is pathetically self-important and absolutely never works.

  • Manny L.

    This will not be a replay of 2006 for the following reasons:
    1. History rarely truly repeats itself.
    2. The sentiment in 2006 was against Bush and the war.
    3. The economy was good then bad now and the impulse is not to tolerate people that drain from the eoconomy.
    4. Today Obama and the dems are the establishment and issues like this always run against the establishment.
    5. Tea party is an organizing structure and this only binds the tea party members, not divide them, and really the only hope the Dems had was to divide. The increase in hispanic votes will be minimal.
    6. Obama is pushing race politics and that really turns off indepedents.

    This will not stop the Republican landslide at all.

    [I'm counting on the "first time tragedy; second time farce" notion, myself -admin]

  • PTL

    What do you mean the left and the press.
    The press is the propaganda arm of the left.

  • PTL

    Doesn’t the DNC stand for Democratic National

  • Thomas Casey

    Funny how many people (including bishops) are suddenly experts on a first-class mess that has been building for 30+ years. It’s a toxic stew of mixed motives, sordid politics, “feelings”, and exploitation worthy of a long-running soap opera. About the only moderately honest people in the whole cluster are the ones that broke the law for opportunities their own kleptocratic country denied them. All the other players, from Presidents and Congresses of both parties to the housewives in the produce section of the grocery store, are complicit.

    How do I know? I was an INS agent for 22 years, working for all of you. Back then you didn’t want to know the truth. Well, now you’re going to find out.

    If this ends well, it will be by the grace of God, not by the courage and integrity of politicians.

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  • Jim

    This is either a poorly conceived post, or an overtly cynical one. As others point out above, it is 2010, not 2006 or 2008 and the environmental situation is fundamentally different. The Dems have overstepped their bounds on bailouts and healthcare. The public in 2007 loudly and vehemently rejected comprehensive immigration reform. That was not just the voice of the right, but also the center. People want borders controlled and laws followed, and then they will consider immigration reform. They want politicians to quit lying and speak straight. They wanted that with respect to immigration reform in 2007 and they want it now in every respect raised to the tenth power. Do not try to paint this as an issue of the far right, as it is not. To do so is an extremely cynical ploy to manipulate based on fear. People are afraid, they are angry at the disrespect demonstrated by policiticans and by illegal immigrants towards the Constitution, the law and the border. Period.

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  • gb

    I have to agree with the Western bishops on this issue.

    And I have agree with the worthy Anchoress’ post of 4/27/10:
    Before we are Americans, we are Catholics.
    Reversing that order is what is (at least partly) responsible for the mess we’re in now.

    Catholics in the country need to stop pouring their beliefs into redstate-bluestate molds & start thinking with the Church. HINT: Caritas in Veritate is a good place to begin.

  • susan

    In 1998 (under a Democrat President) my friends were thrown out of the country because their sponsor had a tax problem; they came legally but their sponsor ‘broke the law’ so my friend had to leave.

    She is Danish and he is Italian, married and they lived in Lower East NYC for eight years; in that time their son was born on American soil.

    Here is how legal immigrants are thrown out of the country, our government sent a letter informing them they had to leave. Even though their son was BORN IN AMERICA they were told they could not stay, they retained a immigrantion but to no avail.

    So they were thrown out of the country and a year latter their marriage ended!

    Perhaps if they had been ILLEGAL then the Catholic Church would have come to their defense.

    Perhaps if they had been of ‘Hispanic’ origin then Democrats would have come to their defense.

    Perhaps if they had just walked across the southern border rather than taking the legal route then they would be here in America with their family intact.

    I believe it to be damn racist of everyone to think that ONLY Latinos are victimized when the real victims are the LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who come from around the world and not just out of Mexico’s Catholic Church!

    Dear Anchoress, your position of morality is quite pointless because you and your ‘human rights advocated’ can hide inside the Catholic Church as if you are above it all.

  • Doc

    The proper reaction to the hysteria and violence of the Left should be ridiculing the corporate media for their inventing hate on the part of Tea Partiers while ignoring actual and obvious hate on the part of the La Raza crowd. The pic at the top of this post should have shown one of the barking-moonbat signs which more accurately represent the mood of the progressive protesters. Anchoress, by focusing on the harmless sign, plays the role of Newsweek here.

    gb, I’d be more inclined to believe the Western bishops actually care for these poor people if the bishops would condemn the corruption, incompetence, and violence of the Mexican government with the same enthusiasm they reserve for American Republicans.

  • jh

    Thought post as usual and you connect all the dots.

    The right does not need to play the lefts game

    Don’t play it!! Especially don’t play it this year when the White House and the leadership in the Congress have no real intention of passing a immigration bill this year. In fact there has been no work done on it all hardly which means it is too late to get anything passed this year.

    Does anyone think the Unions (whom can’t get their Card Check bill passed) are going to be gung ho for immigration reform?

    They are playing the right like fools to divert attention that they don’t really care to spend the political capital on the issue and to divert attention from other problems. It appears to me to be working.

  • Manny

    “Before we are Americans, we are Catholics.” -gb, I assume quoting Anchoress.

    No I have to disagree with that. Immigration is not a theological issue. It is a civic policy and when it comes to civic policy I am an American first. Otherwise this justifies non-Catholics to never vote for a Catholic politician because it would substantiate the claim that his allegence is primarily to the Pope.

    Catholic European nations have strict immigration policies. It has nothing to do with Catholicism. This is not a theological issue, say like abortion where the Church should weigh in. We should treat illegal immigrants humanely, but that does not nullify setting of national policy to either deport them, creating a fence to prevent their entry, or establishing rules of back and forth flow, no matter what the Bishops advocate. I am American first when it comes to American policy.

    [Actually, I don't believe I ever wrote that. I think I wrote -speaking only for myself- that I was Christ's before I was any political party's. It's not the same thing. -admin]

  • Gayle Miller

    If you break into my house, I am not REQUIRED to treat you well, or fairly or in any way except with a certain degree of hostility. I am not REQUIRED to provide you with a healthy and tasty lunch or dinner, nor are you entitled in any way to anything other than a swift kick out the door by which you entered! You’re in my HOME bucko – you have surrendered your right to any kind of polite treatment!

    The same applies to my country. And, here’s a reality check – Mexico treats illegal aliens with a degree of harshness that is incomprehensible to the average, entitled, spoiled rotten liberal moron! Two years in prison – just for the act of illegally entering Mexico – and then you’re booted back whence you came!