Sisters Serving Russia

The recent story of the mother who returned her adopted child to Russia, and the abundance of orphans there, piqued my interest in these Catholic Sisters, who are dedicating themselves to serving Russia, and particularly her orphans:

Sisters in Jesus the Lord is a Private Association of the Faithful in the process of becoming a religious institute, based in Kansas City, Missouri, sending sisters to Vladivostok, Russia and eventually other countries, too.

So, they are not yet considered a full-fledged religious community, but -as they recount in this (pdf) newsletter- they have progressed to the point that they are recognized by their bishop as a community in formation, able to wear their habits and take religious names, although for now their vows are “private” and not canonical.

As they are dedicated to evangelizing and serving Russia, the sisters are being tutored in Russian language and custom as they work toward their degrees.

Their latest (pdf) newsletter has pictures from a recent stint in Russia, where it looks very cold, and they recount several interesting stories about the sort of reception they have received there. They also tell what they really need to keep going: frequent flier miles!

And their habits are a shade of red (they call it burgundy, I call it red). You know how I feel about red. Any shade, from rose to magenta, seems like the perfect color for a religious habit, to me!

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  • Bob Devine

    I agree with the Sisters as to the colour. Red is as in fire engine. Their habit is burgundy otherwise known in my circle as maroon. LOL>

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  • Nzie

    These sisters are associated with a particular mission in Vladivostok that is AMAZING! The entire story is beautiful – after the fall of Communism some people there asked for a priest and 2 priests went and they’ve grown and grown and they truly live the Christian life, feeding street children, visiting shut ins, helping orphans, running crisis pregnancy centers, etc. If you haven’t heard much about this mission before, visit the site of the mission these sisters work at — link . There is a 1/2 hour video that brings me to tears of joy every time!

  • JuliB

    Wow! I will take a look at their site later this weekend. Thanks for giving us such good news.

  • F

    I’m a Vlad mission supporter. I am thrilled that you are giving them some spotlight time. Thanks. Some friends from Ignatius Press know Father Myron and have visited him in Russia! They are extremely prolife and donations of even $20 can help a woman to choose life because the money goes so far. You can now also request masses for a small donation of $5 to be said for a loved one. This also helps them a great deal. This mission is rebuilding the Catholic church presence in Russia and, there are many in the locale who thrill to it. They also give musical concerts that attract passersby. Its a real light in the darkness. Thanks for showing them off, Anchoress!!

  • F

    Oooooh!!! I just found out from their website that one can sponsor a child in Russia or one saved from abortion. How exciting! The poverty there is intense. I’m a single lady who has always wished for kids. I think this is a great opportunity for me to help other folks make parenting a tad easier.

    A double thank you, Anchoress!!!

    [Perhaps I was meant to bring you together! _admin]

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  • Mary

    Check out the Daughters of Charity I believe they recently sent some of their sisters to that area.