Tin Cup Week for First Things

Support First Things Online!

Longtime readers know that I am ever-reluctant to shake the tin cup, but First Things is looking to keep its online presence alive and thriving, and that means keeping me and Gateway Pundit, Spengler, Evangel, First Thoughts, Secondhand Smoke and the Postmodern Conservative up and running, so hear me rattle, after all!

The magazine is enticing you with a limited-time offer: a one-year subscription to First Things. If you have not had the opportunity to sample the print journal, you can taste some of it here. I can tell you that at $19.95 for a year’s read, it’s an excellent value. Use the promocode theanchoress.

If you are not hot for reading the dead-tree journals, anymore, perhaps you will consider making a donation. Donations of $75.00 and up may choose from a selection of books, as a show of gratitude.

So, we rattle. If you think the First Things and her various blogs are worth keeping, please consider a donation. Please don’t force us to into adorable Clara’s panecotto!

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